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Student Startup Madness Happens Today at SXSW


Student Startup Madness happens today at SXSW. The ‘collegiate digital media startup tournament’ will feature eight entrepreneurial finalist teams across the country. The students will pitch to a team of VCs, CEOs and thought leaders in tech for a chance to receive $5,000 of credits for Google Cloud Platform. According to Google, Cloud Platform allows “startups to… Read more »

4 Tips For Startups Hiring Freelancers Online


Let’s face it, hiring freelancers is a cost not every seed-stage startup can afford. One important lesson I have learned from my own experiences at an early-stage startup is that every dime counts, which is why I quickly familiarized myself with Elance, oDesk, Fiverr and Freelancer. Many startup founders are apprehensive about hiring professionals online. However, budget… Read more »

Why Titanium App Development is a Smart Move for Startups Who Need Apps


Developing mobile applications is a challenge for every professional developer. They need to focus on each elemental aspect, while coding applications that are responsive, functional and compatible. Covering the bases for every feature is not exactly an easy task, even for the most talented developers. That’s why the Titanium application framework has emerged as one of the best for extensive mobile… Read more »

Online Project Management Software: Is it a Blessing or a Curse for Your Company?


Swimming in a Sea of Subscription-Based Services There’s an ocean of online and subscription-based software out there trying to hook your attention. While newer companies and products bear the risk of disappearing into the murky waters of the ever-changing tech tides, the tried and true options seem almost menacing, as potential users (you and I) grapple… Read more »

How to Manage Startup Culture in a Corporate World


There’s a poorly-kept secret in “new business” that the key to being successful is to be autonomous. This is not strictly true. The people who are able to raise a startup from nothing to something are people who can lead themselves, need barely any direction or feedback, and are able to see tasks to fruition… Read more »

How to Use Event Marketing Effectively for Your Startup


In the past, event promotion was a little more straightforward … or was it? Event planners would send out some snazzy postcards, hand out a few flyers, and perhaps send the odd cheeky email. All that they wanted in return was for the potential audience to add their name to the register, and that was that!… Read more »

Hackers and Designers Compete in the First-Ever SXSW Music Hackathon Championship


AT&T U-verse with GigaPower, will present the first annual SXSW Music Hackathon Championship next week. Over a 24-hour period beginning at 2:00 p.m. Wednesday, March 12th until 2:00 p.m. Thursday, March 13th at the Hilton Austin Downtown, hackers and designers will have 24 hours to use their programming know-how and a collection of music-tech APIs, to… Read more »

Can’t Find Decent Talent? Breed Your Own!

The Internship Movie

Nearly 40 percent of all startup managers claim finding people with the right skills is the most troubling problem facing their business. Increased incentives to work in the startup world have brought about intense competition in the hiring space. Top talent seems to be getting snatched up right out of college — so how can… Read more »

Where to Find Startups at SXSW 2014


SXSW Interactive attracts over 32,000 attendees (along with Film), scattered across a handful of venues in downtown Austin. Some people are corporate employees, some are individuals, and others are startup entrepreneurs. Here’s where to find the startups. SXSW Startup Village Located on the fourth floor of the Downtown Austin Hilton, this is where a lot… Read more »

SXSW Sessions You Might Possibly Want to Attend

SXSW sessions to attend

If you’re attending SXSW Interactive, the mega-festival that takes place from March 7-11, you’ll have over 1,000 sessions to choose from (not to mention the parties). You may give preferences to the parties, but here are some sessions you might want to check out. Friday, March 7 Gary Vaynerchuk Tells You How to Rock SXSW… Read more »

My Last SXSW

my last sxsw

Editor’s note: In her essay “It Is Never Too Late to Change Everything,” released this week as part of Kindle Serial The 10 Habits of Highly Successful Women, Leslie Bradshaw uses candor and humor to break down how difficult it can be to build and scale a company, while also landing large clients and… Read more »

‘Startupland’ Documentary Series Will Premiere in DC This March 13


The highly-anticipated Startupland documentary web series has announced its global premiere for Thursday, March 13 in Washington, DC. The series looks at the stories of five early-stage startups as they navigate their ways through the accelerator process. The premiere will have two showtimes and will be shown at the E Street Landmark Theatre. Steve Case, the cofounder… Read more »

How to Leverage Diversity in Your Startup


As our country and workforce become more diverse, smart companies are rushing to find ways to leverage this diversity to gain a competitive edge. After all, if the clients and customers you are serving come from a variety of backgrounds, shouldn’t your team as well? While diversity is studied in business schools and prioritized in… Read more »

How to Make Your Life a Little Less Hectic


The word I hear most often from the people I work with is “overwhelmed.” People feel overwhelmed by the amount of stuff going on in their lives and the level of responsibilities laid on them. They get stressed out by having too many emails, not having enough money, and not spending enough time with their… Read more »