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Tech Cocktail

The Value of a Secret: What Startups Can Learn from Silicon Valley’s Latest Obsession


Arguably the birthplace of corporate openness and workplace diversity, Silicon Valley has recently been plagued by the whisperings of its startups’ dirty little secrets. Thanks to Secret, the app that allows for the anonymous sharing of messages to one’s networks, the startup world is recently rife with confessions and revelations – none of which can be… Read more »

The Secret Resource Every Startup Needs To Know

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It’s never been easier to launch a startup. Powerful broadband networks, cloud computing and mobile and web applications have lowered the barrier to entry and created efficiencies for small businesses to scale. But while these resources make it easier to launch a business, they don’t remove the challenge of developing a winning product. To do… Read more »

Entrepreneurial Lessons Learned From Watching House of Cards


Building a company from a startup into a business is crazy hard work. I founded my startup Speek two years ago. We now have around $3 million in venture funding, 19 employees, and are post-revenue. One thing I’ve learned in Speek’s quest to fix crappy conference calls is that you must glean lessons from absolutely… Read more »

14 Resources That Women in Tech Should Know About


With women only making up an estimated 12 percent of software engineers in the United States, and a growing shortage of software developers, momentum is gathering to encourage and show women that they can succeed in technology roles. Grants, scholarships, intensive developer courses and support networks are helping women realise their potential, get qualified and out into the… Read more »

8 Resources for Online Learners


Do you want to use the Internet for something more substantial than tweeting and watching cat videos on YouTube? It would be a shame to waste all that potential without learning about the things that interest you, regardless of your age or the industry you work in. Social studies, anthropology, math, foreign languages… no problem – you… Read more »

How to Bring your App to Market


You wake up in the middle of the night, drenched in a cold sweat. Shakily, you grab a pad and paper and jot down the ideas that are swimming in your head. Overcome by exhaustion, your head falls back to the pillow and you fall back asleep. The next morning, you wake up and read the notepad… Read more »

How to Launch a Startup Without Quitting Your Day Job


More and more people are dreaming of becoming entrepreneurs, attracted to the innovation, creativity, and flexibility this route offers. Are you one of them? If so, then you need to understand one of your options: starting up without quitting your day job. With this approach, you will have the continuous investment to continue your business. Moreover, you will be able… Read more »

How to Level the Playing Field Using a Startup’s Advantages


In any field, starting up a new business while surrounded by established giants can be a daunting task. Nowhere is this more true than in the field of software development, where—in today’s modern information age—you are essentially trying to set up shop right next door to the existing, well-established alternatives. Your physical location, as a software… Read more »

UMBC Students Compete for a Chance to Launch a Startup in the Cangialosi Business Innovation Competition

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The Cangialosi Business Innovation Competition (CBIC) is open now for University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC) students who aspire to become entrepreneurs. Both undergraduate and graduate UMBC students can apply by submitting a competitive and realistic 3-5 page technology-focused business plan by March 6. The CBIC is a next-level competition designed to give aspiring entrepreneurs… Read more »

Pitching For the Stars: Women 2.0 Showcases SpaceX COO and Startups Ready to Blast Off


Yesterday hundreds of female entrepreneurs, investors, and members of the tech community converged for Women 2.0’s eighth annual conference in San Francisco. The conference kicked off with a keynote by the inspiring female COO of SpaceX, Gwynne Shotwell, a former mechanical engineer who joined SpaceX in 2002 as their seventh employee and is now responsible for day-to-day operations…. Read more »

2013 was a Big Year for Legal Startups; 2014 Could Be Bigger


Roughly $458 million was invested into legal startups in the last year by investors. This is a remarkable increase from the $66 million invested in 2012. And 2014 began with a strong January seeing almost $12 million done in four deals. Awareness and confidence in the legal startup arena is growing.  This is in part… Read more »