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DC Gets 4th Place in a Ranking of the Hottest US Startup Cities 

hottest startup cities

In a ranking of the hottest US startup cities released today by RJMetrics, Washington, DC, came in 4th place, trailing San Francisco, New York, and Seattle. The study was based on Meetup data from over 16,000 tech meetups worldwide. They took into consideration the number of total tech meetups, number of total memberships, density (memberships… Read more »

9 of the Most Successful Young Entrepreneurs


When people think of successful young entrepreneurs, we have a tendency to think of Mark Zuckerberg. I mean, sure, it’s easy to see why – he founded one of the most influential websites of our generation (arguably, THE most influential of all time). Or, maybe, we’ll refer to Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, the founders… Read more »

Infographic: Rise of the Angel Investor

Angel investing

Over the last ten years, the number of angel investors, and the amount of dollars they’ve invested, have increased significantly. That’s good news for entrepreneurs, as they have more opportunities than ever to launch their dreams and to provide innovative products and services to their customers. The infographic below, presented by, visualizes this significant increase in… Read more »

2013 Could be the Year of the Woman Entrepreneur


The State of Women-Owned Businesses survey, conducted jointly by NAWBO (National Association of Women Owned Business) and, found that 85 percent of women entrepreneurs surveyed believe that more women will venture to start their own businesses in 2013 than in 2012. Over 500 NAWBO members participated in the survey, and on average, they have been in business for over six years. Stats on women entrepreneurs according… Read more »

Mr Cranky’s Top Tech Stories of 2012

mr crankys top stories

What a year it’s been. We saw Facebook, the envy of all startups, fall from grace, and the Jersey-Shore-ification of hustlers, hackers, and designers. 2012 will go down as the year of the Wantrepreneur, the Pret-Angel, the Series A Crunch, and a whole bunch of whining – by me, by angels, by VCs and founders…. Read more »

Startup Genome Report Shows Women Still Underrepresented

Startup Genome

On Tuesday, Startup Genome released a report analyzing the world’s top startup ecosystems that showed that women are still underrepresented. The overall rankings, topped by Silicon Valley, Tel Aviv, Los Angeles, Seattle, and New York City, respectively, also included factors like age, education, work hours, and gender. Here are the top 18 startup ecosystems ranked by percentage… Read more »

Startup Outlook 2012: Entrepreneurs are Optimistic and Hiring, but Concerned about Government Policies


Today, Silicon Valley Bank released its Startup Outlook 2012, based on a February survey of 270 executives from early-stage US startups. Here’s a quick roundup: The Good According to the report, “The survey revealed that the tech sector in the U.S. is healthy, hiring, has great business qualities and that startups are optimistic.” 64% of… Read more »

And Boston’s Hottest Startup Is….

apptopia (1)

Last week we polled you, the Tech Cocktail reader, to find out who is Boston’s Hottest Startup.  The tribe has spoken.   And the winner is… Apptopia We last covered Apptopia, the marketplace for mobile app ownership, as a participating in the #Startuplife celebration at SXSW.  At the time, they were three weeks shy of… Read more »

Poll: Who’s The Top Angel Investor in the US?


Angel investors play a pivotal role in the backbone of the early-stage startup ecosystem (note: understatement of the century).  Not only do angels provide roughly the same amount of financing as venture capital firms ($20.1B versus $23.3B in 2010), but startups who acquire their funds from angels are more likely to survive the first four years as… Read more »

Kairos Society Announces Top 50 Student-Led Startups

Kairos 50

Earlier this month, the Kairos Society announced the Kairos 50: 50 innovative companies founded by undergraduates. Partnering with the United Nations and the New York Stock Exchange, Kairos held a global summit in New York City where the companies pitched to business leaders and press. The Kairos Society is a not-for-profit foundation – with branches… Read more »

Chasing Silicon Valley: Is DC Doing It Wrong?

M&A report

Lots of entrepreneurs in DC – including the team at Tech Cocktail – are skipping happy hours and giving up time we’d otherwise spend sleeping to pursue our dreams and help build Washington’s startup ecosystem. But are we doing it wrong? According to a new report from FounderCorps and StartupVirginia, we may be. The way… Read more »