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5 Ways to Implement Change in Your Startup


Throughout the life of your startup, you’ll be forced to implement new ideas to improve your culture, management, employee relations, and the overall success of the company. Especially as a manager or founder of a startup, you’re constantly faced with the challenge of maintaining innovation while simultaneously keeping your competitive edge. Implementing change in the… Read more »

13 Tips to Avoid Bad Luck in Startupland


Over the past three years, my team and I have been on a mission to empower and support entrepreneurs in the earliest stages of starting and operating their companies. The following musings are shared to support the efforts of founders, and help startup operators to avoid or reduce stressful situations. 1) “A Team” Members Only… Read more »

3 Things Startups Can Learn From Beyonce’s Surprise Album Release


Honestly, I have to hand it to Beyonce because gurl.can.werk. She pulled a fast one on the world and dropped an entire album on iTunes overnight. Literally, there is an entire album with 14 new songs on iTunes right now. What makes this album release so remarkable is that Queen Bey made absolutely zero announcements about it… Read more »

The Series A Crunch Demystified


My startup Speek is making free conference calls fast and easy. Speek has raised nearly $3 million in seed funding from a blend of angel investors and VC’s. We are currently going through the process of closing our Series A round. I’d like to give you a perspective of the “Series A Crunch” from the… Read more »

Learning Customer Development the Hard Way

Customer development

I thought I was done with startups after 5Degrees, my previous venture, fell apart. The hard landing, foregone income, and daily ambiguity were draining. Before I got involved in another venture, I wanted to make sure that there was a defined need we were solving for first – this meant a robust customer development process… Read more »

Is Small Business Blogging Always the Best Way to Go?


As soon as you start a new business or embark on the content strategy journey, your focus stays on producing high quality content. You post as many as good blog topics as fast as you can and keep talking about it on social media, only to realize that it is not going anywhere. You realize that… Read more »

Inside the Company Culture of Formstack


Founded in 2006, Formstack has expanded from an office in Indianapolis to a 25-person mostly-remote team spread out around the country (and Poland). Earlier this year, they were named one of the best places to work in Indiana. In creating the Formstack form building tool, they follow the principle of SAFE: everything should be simple,… Read more »

Avoid Costly Data Roaming Charges with These Simple Steps


The advice that follows is intended to help those among us who work and travel internationally as a career, but I would suggest that the advice is more universal than this; it applies to anyone with an intention to visit family overseas this Christmas or those of us lucky enough to be heading abroad to… Read more »

The Keys to Successfully Startup Your Engine


You’ve got that brilliant business idea. That’s step one. In a world where web development is as easy as signing up for a service like and developing a quick-and-dirty Facebook fan page, you could essentially commandeer a startup with minimal effort and, hopefully, maximal profit. But, be weary. The risk isn’t as high as… Read more »

7 Tools That Will Change the Way You Do Business Forever


The best part about doing business today is that this era rocks. Now is simply the best time for you to start a business – not so much because of the state of economy, or for the fantasy that almost everyone seems to have enough disposable income to buy what you have to sell. It’s… Read more »

5 Startups That Are Giving Back to the Community This Thanksgiving


For many, there’s this perception that people working for a startup, or people developing a startup, lead very busy lives. After all, these people are doing anything and everything in their power to create a successful business that will hopefully survive another day – let alone another month or year. A consensus of opinion from… Read more »

5 Non-Tech Skills That Will Land You a Job in Tech


Grossing billions of dollars a year in the United States alone, the tech industry is one of the most innovative, profitable industries to get into. But many people get deterred from going down that path because they don’t have the tech skills they think everyone needs in order to get into the business. You don’t… Read more »

3 Important Things To Consider When Outsourcing App Development


In our tech startup ecosystem, there are coders, there are designers, and there are hustlers. If you’re coming into this world hoping to truly make something from some great idea, then you likely fulfill at least one of these three roles. Of course, in order for you to truly launch a successful company with an… Read more »

Perfecting Your Pitch: Making Your Startup Memorable Through Simplicity


This article was previously published on Tech Cocktail partner 1776‘s website for The Challenge Cup. This event is a global competition to identify and celebrate the most promising startups tackling the biggest challenges. You can learn more about The Challenge Cup here.  In the world of startups, the following scene plays out over and over again: An… Read more »