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Make Your Terms of Service the New Must-Read


How many times have you clicked the little box saying you’ve read a company’s terms of service? How many times did you actually read them? That’s what I thought. Those things are about as easy to read as “Beowulf” in its original version, and often almost as long. (Airbnb’s terms of service fill 22 printed… Read more »

Is The Best Candidate Wrong For Your Startup?


Here’s a piece of hiring advice that might sound counterintuitive: You shouldn’t always hire the most qualified candidate for your open positions. This is especially true when hiring for your startup company. The team you hire for your newborn company will influence what direction your business takes, what the culture of your business is like,… Read more »

How to Write a Love Letter to Your Future Startup Employee


As the CEO and primary hiring manager of your startup, you want the brightest, most talented employees. When you’re searching for new employees, you probably look for people who not only have the skills and experience you desire in an excellent employee, but also the passion for your company. What if you could write a… Read more »

6 Reasons People Leave Big Companies to Join Startups


Over the last several years, startups have popped up all over the job market. While this is great for the entrepreneurial-minded, and for professionals searching for a creative work environment, large companies like Yahoo! and Google are faced with their employees leaving to join the startup world. Startups appeal to people working at large companies for many reasons —… Read more »

Do you decide right here, right now?


One of the most noticeable traits in successful entrepreneurs is their ability to decide on the spot. They do not take anything home with them. It is  important to understand that not making a decision is worse than making a wrong decision. Of course, you should not take this as a rule of thumb and… Read more »

How to Maximize Recruiting with LinkedIn


Nearly nine out of 10 job seekers have a social media profile. More and more people are joining these networks on a daily basis, making it easier to find top talent online. Recently, I wrote an article about recruiting with Twitter. But Twitter is not the only social network you can use to your advantage…. Read more »

Why Hiring the Best Can Make Your Startup Fail


I once had a very successful startup founder say to me, “I don’t get it. I hired all of the smartest people I could find. And they all hate each other now.” There’s a clear path to startup success: killer idea, strong funding, high growth, impressive valuation. But many startup founders get to that point… Read more »

4 Ways to Find Better Startup Talent


If I see one more startup job ad for a rockstar programmer or ninja developer, I’ll scream. We’re all searching for the same talent in what feels like the same pool. Then we bring in candidates to interview and they’re not what we expected. Or we find someone great and they decline our offer for… Read more »

6 Ways To Make Better Entry-Level Hires


Taking on entry-level tech hires can be quite a challenge. In a recent study from The National Association of Colleges and Employers, employers say they plan to hire 2 percent more recent grads from the Class of 2013. This figure is way down from the 13 percent they predicted in the fall of 2012. For those… Read more »

How to Maximize Recruiting with Twitter


Surprisingly, one of the biggest challenges for startups is recruiting the right talent. With all of the recruiting platforms available today, it can still be difficult to find the right candidates. However, there is one social network optimized for finding talent, and it’s about to maximize your recruiting process. Twitter is a popular platform recruiters… Read more »

How secretive should you be with your startup idea?


The simple answer to how secretive you should be about your startup idea is that you should not be secretive at all. Of course, you do not want to talk about it to anyone and everyone since they might not be interested, and talking to them will just be a waste of time and energy. However, you… Read more »

Top 5 Myths About Employee Referral Programs


Companies looking to recruit top talent often turn to their current employees for referrals, but new data from, a social employee referral management platform, reveals limiting the referral process to only current employees — and leaving out the rewards — is a mistake. When rewards were offered, 41 percent of referral hires came from… Read more »

5 Secrets of Creating a Rockstar Remote Team


Startups and small businesses that operate remotely need to have the best team of employees. Since you don’t get to see your employees on a face-to-face basis, it’s important to hire people you can count on to do their jobs. Here are five secrets to hiring a rockstar remote team for your startup: 1. Find… Read more »

5 Reasons Your Business Should Design a Career App


HR and recruiting technology is quickly evolving for employers. More and more job seekers are using their mobile devices to apply for jobs, which means employers need to keep up with this trend. If you’re looking for a new a way to attract talented candidates, consider creating a mobile career app. It’s important for your… Read more »

Finding a Balance in Fear as an Entrepreneur


Before I started my first company, I didn’t believe in stress. I genuinely thought people just complained a lot. Then, I racked up a $100,000 American Express bill from overspending without tracking my advertising, and I became a believer in work-related stress. The saying goes “If you’re not scared, you’re not doing it right.” My… Read more »

VCs Are People, Too: The Venture Fund as a Startup


As entrepreneurs, we often find ourselves prostrated at the feet of a mighty money manager, asking for their holy blessing and term sheet. In our position of humility and reverence, we only see their “consumer facing” side. They snap their fingers and hundreds of thousands of dollars appear in our bank account, saving us from… Read more »