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Startups, Marketing Is Not Just Your First Press Mention


The beta launch is a software proving ground. Everyone has an idea for the next Facebook, Google, or Angry Birds, but what separates the cream from the crop is a successful beta test. If your software is glitchy with your five-man development team testing it, adding another 5,000 users to the mix will spell disaster… Read more »

5 Changes Startup Managers Should Make in the New Year


The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to set goals for your startup and improve management. The key to improving your startup and being an effective manager is acknowledging the fact that all your employees have something valuable to offer. Just because you’re in charge doesn’t mean your employees can’t contribute ideas… Read more »

9 Social Media Recruitment Mistakes


Nearly 95 percent of recruiters use or plan to use social media in their recruitment efforts. That’s practically every single recruiter. They’re using LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and more to assess candidates’ experience and cultural fit. Social media is growing rapidly, but doesn’t this mean there are bound to be some mistakes made. Between the constant… Read more »

So You Want To Be A (Guest) Writer?


In my capacity as co-founder and CTO of Speek, where we are busy making free conference calls fast and easy, I do a significant amount of guest writing for major publications. I write this weekly column for Tech Cocktail (you can sign up to write for Tech Cocktail too) but I’ve also written articles for The… Read more »

6 Wacky Ways To Attract Great Interns Socially


Does your company boast a top-notch internship program? If not, it may be time to toss your humdrum recruiting tactics out of the nearest window. With 92 percent of U.S. companies now using social media for recruitment, it’s time for your company to step up the way it attracts and hires young talent. The future… Read more »

3 Things Lean Startups Can Learn From Corporate Giants


Of course, there are plenty of positives in leaving a large corporation and joining or founding a smaller startup. The culture within smaller companies is often more relaxed, which can lead to a much more favorable working environment. In addition, if you are responsible for founding the company yourself, you will have the opportunity to… Read more »

Getting It Right or Getting It Quick?


You have a brilliant idea that can change the world. Hypothetically, your idea  is going to challenge very big names in the world such as Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram, to name a few. I chose that as a hypothesis to point out that your project is substantially large. I am sure you are very… Read more »

Top 8 Last-Minute Tech Gifts for Your Employees

Holiday Gift Guide

Searching for the perfect gift, especially at the last minute, can sometimes be a big challenge during the holiday season. As a manager or the CEO of your startup, you want to find a way to show your employees how much you appreciate their hard work and dedication to your company. To thank them this… Read more »