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Tech Cocktail

Stop Insulting Your Customers with Cookies


You’re sitting at a bar with three of your friends, enjoying some beer and cocktails. You’re chatting, laughing, and just catching up. You turn your head and see a guy in a neon yellow shirt, staring at you and smiling expectantly. “Hey there, I’m Bob Smithback from Howdy Toyota,” says the neon shirt guy. “I… Read more »

How to Build E-Commerce Experiences People Will Love


If you offer a great item but the platform to buy it is cumbersome and time-intensive to use, how many shoppers are going to become customers? Not many. Many companies focus so narrowly on the products they’re selling that they forget to address the purchasing experience. Great e-commerce encourages discovery while also “getting out of… Read more »

15 Ways to Become a Better CEO


As a CEO, you are both leader and object of everybody’s gaze. The entire team looks to you for answers, leadership, and responsibility, placing the burden of success heavily on your shoulders. Setting a good example and becoming a great leader is crucial for success. The CEO is a lot like a quarterback who moves his… Read more »

Will Your Family Fail You? 5 Rules for Becoming Successful Family Startup


Are all family-owned business bound to fail? It’s approximated that 70% of all family-owned businesses fail or are sold before moving on to the next generation. Why is that? Well, for one thing, the dynamics are certainly different, and relations are more than merely business, and one risks the possibility for spoiling family ties. For Krista Morgan… Read more »

Is Campus Recruiting Right For Your Intern Program?


A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. You’ve probably heard this adage more times than you can count. But in terms of your startup or small business, it likely hits home. At larger companies, there’s room for mediocre employees, but not at your startup. This is why recruiting is crucial to the… Read more »

When Your Business Gets Lied To

Lies in business

To catch a thief, count your limes. At least that’s what SumAll CEO and bar owner Dane Atkinson learned when he realized a bartender was stealing from him. Running some numbers, he saw a correlation between sales and number of limes used – so much so that he could count the limes and guess the… Read more »

Inside the Company Culture of Austin’s SpareFoot


It’s not always easy to get people’s attention when your industry is self-storage – and SpareFoot freely admits it. Instead, they’ve infused personality into their brand with a slew of antics: giving away a fully stocked fridge of Monster energy drinks, creating a tongue-in-cheek version of the firefighter pin-up calendar, and offering $500 for the… Read more »

Product Ignorance: Why You Need to Create a Certification Program


You’ve spent hundreds — maybe even thousands — of hours perfecting the interface, adding requested features, and documenting the functions of your software. You have users, and the product is generating revenue, but you get the feeling that some of your users don’t know how to use key features. Unless you have an army of… Read more »

4 Ways to Create Smart Performance Goals for Your Employees


If you’ve recently launched your startup or you’re looking for more effective ways to manage your employees, it’s important to keep some important goal setting strategies in mind. Launching a startup can have its fair share of ups and downs, and that’s why it’s important to make goal setting a priority for your company and… Read more »

Your Web Content Can Be Sexy


Imagine a person walking up to you and starting to talk about herself. She is boasting about her abilities and luring you to believe that she is an expert. She is pushing you to take her out for a coffee. Now, unless her father’s name is Apple or Groupon, you would not have any clue… Read more »

How to Make Your Laptop More Ergonomic


Laptops are extremely convenient because of their portability, but they wreak havoc on your shoulders, neck, and back if you do not use them properly. If you find yourself just tossing your laptop down on any surface before typing away for hours, you should consider re-evaluating your situation. We hear the word ergonomic thrown around… Read more »

Jack-of-All-Trades or Master of One?


Whenever I meet with a VC firm, one of the first topics they address is, “What is the potential market opportunity? How big is this market size?” This takes us down the inevitable rabbit hole of specialization versus generalization. Do we focus on a single vertical, or do we create a general product that can… Read more »

Sell Before You Build to Get $1,000 in Recurring Revenue


Many startups aim to be billion-dollar companies, yet they die away without having made a single dollar. Everyone’s so eager to be the next Apple, Google, or Facebook – companies that are worth billions and billions of dollars – that they forget to make their first $1,000. That first $1,000 can be your toughest, but… Read more »

How to Name Your Startup


The names of today’s celebrity tech companies seem almost obvious and inevitable. How could Google be anything other than Google, with its fun and colorful logo? What would Twitter be like without the cute little bird? But there was a time when these names, too, had to be thought up. Google was named after a… Read more »

Venture funding Is Cool, But Who Is Raising Human Capital?


So much of the tech blogosphere is filled with announcements of closing rounds of financings, so much that you’d think Twitter was acquired by Bloomberg. Although raising money is hard and to some extent worth celebrating, why aren’t there more conversations around startups developing talent? Working at a startup is a challenging job, and there’s… Read more »