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Watch This Touching 5-Minute Video on Why It’s Important for Us to Disconnect Occasionally

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“I have 422 friends, yet I’m lonely. I speak to all of them every day, yet none of them really know me.”

So says Gary Turk, in a spoken word performance on his recent YouTube short film Look Up. In a society where it’s become all too familiar to spend hours and even days away from actual human contact, Turk has filmed a touching video on why it’s important for us to remember that life is fleeting, and every minute spent online or on our phones is another minute lost experiencing special moments in life.

“When you’re too busy looking down, you don’t see the chances you miss.”

While improved access to technology and the Internet has certainly improved our lives in many ways, it has also led to lives largely reliant on social networks, online or text messaging, and emails as primary forms of human connectivity. We research potential dates online, keep our attention focused on our phones when hanging out with friends, and even text people from across the room – in many ways, we’ve allowed ourselves to devolve into beings that have become less social and less capable of experiencing life in the moment.

Since releasing the short film in late-April, Look Up has been seen by over 11 million viewers, which conveys the mass familiarity with the issues he raises. It’s only about five minutes long, so you should definitely watch it:

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