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Moving in This Weekend? Uber Partners with Casper to Deliver Mattresses in NYC


If you’re not away at your Carolina lake house/Montauk beach house/Burning Man this weekend, then you’re likely some of the unlucky few who have to deal with trying to move all their sh*t into a new apartment. Labor Day weekend is one of the busiest moving days of the year, and anything to help relieve some of the mental or physical stress is definitely welcome. For those who don’t yet have a mattress, NYC startup Casper – a company that’s designed “the perfect bed” – has teamed up with Uber to deliver their mattresses straight to your new place.

This “Sleep on Demand” campaign begins today and will last only until Monday, September 1st. For those looking to actually take advantage of the deal, you simply go into the Uber app on your phone, enter the promo code “UBERSLEEP,” select your mattress size, and then track the location of your mattress. The mattress will arrive in a Bedmobile (a delivery van with Casper’s logo on it) and will be dropped off at your new place.

The promotion, while convenient, really isn’t much of a huge deviation from Casper’s typical delivery, so it’s really not that big of a deal if you miss out. Since Casper’s mattresses are made of foam and latex parts, they come rolled up in a box that isn’t too bad to carry on its own. After an order is placed with the company, mattresses are delivered by bike messenger and courier and typically arrive within two hours after placing the order. Teaming up with Uber just allows the bed to arrive in an even more timely manner.

For those who aren’t yet familiar with Casper’s mattress, the company will also have showrooms-on-wheels around the city, where they’ll have one of their mattresses in a Bedmobile for consumers to try out before deciding whether to order.


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