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Phil Simon to All Entrepreneurs: Do Not Trust Experts


Phil Simon, bluntly speaking, knows his stuff when it comes to technology and emerging trends. He has worked in IT, consulted, and written a multitude of books, but does that mean we should trust his expertise?

According to Simon, we should listen to his opinions and predictions with a healthy sense of skepticism. Putting blind faith into an expert prediction because it belongs to an expert is about as smart as smoking at a gas station. The future is not yet written, and expert predictions are thusly not rooted in certainty.

After all, experts at HBO predicted Breaking Bad would fail, NBC’s experts almost canceled Seinfeld, and music industry experts predicted Rush would never achieve musical greatness. Entrepreneurs, then, should always fight to succeed, even if the expert predictions are stacked against them.

Simon joined us at Tech Cocktail Week in June to talk about the fallibility of experts. Here is the video:

Tech Cocktail Week is a monthly series of events that takes place downtown Las Vegas and is produced in partnership with Tony Hsieh’s Downtown Project.

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