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Tech Cocktail

2015: the Year of Smarter Internal Communications

internal communications

The way we keep our employees informed and engaged in the workplace is radically changing. Many companies have begun to deploy social and mobile collaboration tools that are altering the ways we build company culture and increase productivity. As companies become more proactive about adopting new internal communications technologies, we are now seeing how employees… Read more »

Microsoft Ventures Accelerates Implementation for Startups

Boston tech scene

We are proud to partner with Microsoft Ventures to promote their Digital Work Accelerator in Seattle. The team from the Digital Work Accelerator has been traveling across the country to conduct pitch events and information sessions to help startups apply to the accelerator. Got a question? Add your question here: Click to Tweet: @MSFTVentures @techcocktail #digitalwork #Q&A For the… Read more »

Creating a Website: Builder or Designer?

web design

For non-web designers, web builders are basically nothing but a magic toolbox. Something that was totally out of people’s reach can now be grasped with very little effort. However, there are things that web builders can’t do that web designers can. However, the question remains whether or not you should hire a web designer to… Read more »

Checklist: Prevent Hard Drive Failure

hard drive

The hard drive is a main data storage center for computers; when it crashes, you may lose your valuable data and information which could cost you a lot. There are a many contributors which may become a reason for hard drive failure ranging from virus attack, damaged block and sectors, corrupted operating system files, NTLDR, boot.ini, and… Read more »

Handle: Saving Email From Itself

handle email

“The answer is not to replace email, but to enhance it with the data we all need to manage action: reminder times, projects, locations, and due dates. That is what we are launching today,” says Shawn Carolan, founder and CEO of the newly launched iOS app Handle. Handle, the software and services company dedicated to… Read more »

Prosper Announces Inaugural, Female-Led Startup Class

prosper women

The St. Louis-based Prosper Capital was one of the first accelerators in the country designed exclusively to help women raise the capital needed to get their startups moving towards success. To date more than 220 female entrepreneurs have applied for the $50,000 investment award. Recently Prosper began their Prosper Startup Accelerator, and this week they… Read more »

Funny or Die Launched a Weather App

Funny or Die Weather App

Funny or Die, the viral comedy website renowned for such masterpieces as “The Landlord” (featuring Will Ferrell and his toddler landlord) and Zach Galifianakis’s ‘Between Two Ferns’ series, has made a surprising move into meteorology and just launched its own weather app. And, just to make things clear, it is in fact a functional weather… Read more »

Microsoft Ventures: Change the Way we Work

Microsoft Ventures

We are proud to partner with Microsoft Ventures to promote their Digital Work Accelerator in Seattle. Tonight, in Chicago, join the team from their Digital Work Accelerator to get more information about the program. Startups everywhere are looking to solve problems facing various segments of a global audience. And lately, it seems, more and more are looking… Read more »

How Virtual Reality Can Improve Your Driving Experience

ford virtual reality

This is a paid placement by Ford. Typically we associate virtual and augmented reality technology with fun and games, thanks to Oculus Rift or Google Glass. But Ford Motor Company takes immersive virtual reality very seriously. Ford is the first automaker to use a new ultra high-definition, virtual reality lab that enables designers and engineers globally to… Read more »

Slack Attack: the Workplace Messaging App is Going Social


Slack is taking over my social life. This morning, when I woke up, I rooted around under my pillow for my phone. While in the past I would have checked my e-mail first, or my Twitter mentions, the first thing I did was check Slack. Slack is the year-old workplace messaging app that everyone is… Read more »

Post-Kickstarter Hush is Tapping Their Mentor Networks

hush earplugs

In the wake of Hush absolutely tearing their Kickstarter goal to shreds, I simply had to get in touch with the founder Daniel Lee to dig in. They successfully wrapped their Kickstarter campaign ($593,255 in total) and have embarked upon the next stage of their journey with the help of the local San Diego powerhouse incubator… Read more »

Take Care: “Friendly Fraud” is Widespread


“Friendly” and “fraud” are words that do not really seem fit to be paired together, but the truth is that they often are. “Friendly fraud” happens when customers use a credit card to make a purchase, usually online transactions, and then dispute the charge with their credit card company once the item arrives. Which is the… Read more »

Smart-Home Hub Branto Launches on Kickstarter


Yes, smart homes are the future, but should it be so expensive? Ukrainian startup Branto thinks not. So they developed a smart home hub that works as a wireless assistant device that serves up a wide range of functions including monitoring your home or business with a 360° camera, microphone and speaker; controlling your TV, thermostat, and… Read more »

Go Ahead and Launch a ‘Coming Soon’ Page

coming soon

Let’s say you’ve just started a business and have filed all the pertinent paperwork. You’ve just bought your site’s domain, and now you’re wondering what you can publish online while the public waits for your completed site to go live. Of course, you could choose to do absolutely nothing. But where’s the fun in that?… Read more »