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Tech Cocktail

Mowgli’s Songster Takes Social Gaming to a New Musical Level


Marshall Seese’s reasons for starting social gaming company Mowgli Games were clear. “Simply put, it pissed me off that money like that could be made from a game where people spent all their time making something fake,” he said, in reference to Zynga’s wildly popular Farmville.  “So from there I decided that social gaming would… Read more »

Track Your Healthy Habits Using New App from RoutineTap


New Year’s resolutions: easy to make, easier to break.  If you’re still struggling to get into a regular exercise routine, sleep more, eat healthier, drink less alcohol and more water, a new web app called RoutineTap just might come in handy. The nice thing about this Lisbon, Portugal-based progress-tracking app is that it’s customizable.  You… Read more »

With Underwear Vending Machines, MeUndies’ Jonathan Shokrian Reexamines Shopping for Basics


What’s the bottleneck in your laundry operation?  This may seem like a silly question, but for entrepreneurs, whose time equals serious money, mundane tasks like doing laundry can either eat into your bottom line or spare time.  One is valuable, the other invaluable.  Chances are, the answer to the above question is likely socks or… Read more »

Plan Your Wedding Online with WeddingDeck


Spring will soon be in the air, and that means hundreds of thousands of weddings are literally being planned as I write this.  Those of you who have tied the knot already know the planning process can be a marathon event as you make hundreds of decisions all leading up to the big day. A… Read more »

Meat to Table, Brought to you By AgLocal


As someone who has spent his last three months in the liberal haven that is Boulder, Colorado, it’s hard to imagine that there are any fast food restaurants still in business out here.  The only thing Boulderites seem to agree on more than politics is their health.  If it isn’t free range, organic, hormone-free, and… Read more »

BetaBait, the Beta-Tester Marketplace for Startups


Coming from someone who is in the process of self-publishing his first book, I know firsthand the importance of having a 2nd (or 35th) set of eyes to proof for errors and learn of ideas for improvement.  Between writing, formatting, creating sell copy, developing a new website, and designing a cover, there’s a lot of… Read more »

Team Building Exercises Go Mobile (and Off the Wall) with GooseChase


Anyone who has been through team building exercises before knows how truly painful they can be.  Someone tosses a NERF football at you, you nervously dig through your memory bank for a story that makes you stand out from the crowd, while simultaneously learning very little about your colleagues and feeling like you’re wasting your… Read more »