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Tech Cocktail

Hungry? Order Delivery for Cheap with

Nothing says “I’m hungry” quite like the ravenous sound of “OM NOM NOM NOM.” Coined by Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster, I think we’ve all been guilty of obnoxiously exclaiming this phrase at least once or twice after finally satiating a major case of the munchies. Aptly-named is a new delivery menu search engine that’s… Read more »

Samosapedia: The Definitive Guide to South Asian Lingo on the Web


The first attempt to classify and define the words and phrases of Indian English was in 1886, when Henry Yule and AC Burnell compiled the “Hobson-Jobson.” Last month, four guys launched Desi humor site Samosapedia, a new crowdsourced and modern-day take on deciphering the terminology of global desi culture and language. Part dictionary, part open… Read more »

Cull.TV: The Future of Music Television?


Welcome to the future of music television. Thanks for tuning in. This is the bold welcome the founders of Cull.TV, a startup out of the San Fransisco Bay area, gives to would-be video curators who use the service to create their own playlists or discover new music videos. Cull.TV greets you with a retro, somewhat… Read more »

Publishing Company Demibooks Announces Funding From Educational Development Corporation


Demibooks, a Chicago-based publishing technologies company, announced yesterday it has secured equity investment from Educational Development Corporation (EDC), a publicly traded company.  EDC sells children’s books, including Usborn Books and the Kane/Miller line of international children’s titles, through a multi-level sales organization of independent consultants. Demibooks provides a publishing platform for interactive books.  They recently… Read more »

LiveFyre Raises More Funding To Take Conversations Beyond Just Facebook


LiveFyre, the San Francisco-based software platform that enables anyone to add a commenting system to a website, has secured an additional $4.5 million in a new round of funding led by Greycroft Partners and digital media investors Cue Ball, HillsVen Group, and ff Venture Capital. Livefyre’s commenting platform is currently installed on more than 14,000 websites, including… Read more » The MySpace of Music Discovery


Online music services are gaining popularity, and they can be the gateway to millions of listeners. But indie bands may have trouble breaking into Pandora channels, rooms, and Spotify playlists. Chicago startup wants indie bands to be heard. According to its founders, “ was started to give indie artists a real chance at… Read more »

Cerrio Provides Developers With Real-Time App Interactivity and Tools


Chicago-based startup Cerrio, which was co -founded by a former derivatives trader and software developer for the trading industry, is demoing 2 products for developers at Tech Cocktail’s event at Chicago Ideas Week Sunday night: is a fast, secure, and scalable service that lets web developers add real-time interactivity to their apps.  No server… Read more »

BucketFeet: Artist-Designed Kicks That Give Back


For a while now, new companies have been cropping up with a mission to do some good while generating profits. It’s a great marketing tactic as well, since so many of us enjoy giving a little bit back when we can. BucketFeet is a Chicago-based startup selling artist-illustrated shoes and raising money for three children’s… Read more »

Shop for Doctors and Medical Procedures at OkCopay


With patients paying as much as 1,100% more for the same medical procedure, there is a huge incentive to shop for health care. Chicago-based startup OkCopay is the first open medical comparison engine that removes the mystery of pricing for patients, while improving reimbursement rates for doctors.  Regardless of insurance status, you can “shop” for… Read more »