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Tech Cocktail

Arden Reed is Making Custom Suiting Simple and Affordable


Custom menswear brand Arden Reed was founded in 2008 by Mike Abadi and Carlos Solorio. After leaving their investment banking jobs in New York, the two turned to Kickstarter and launched the company last year. They ended up raising over five times their original goal and became the men behind Kickstarter’s 12th most funded fashion… Read more »

Who Needs Preschool? AppTalia: Apps for Early Childhood Education


Everything is changing, and everybody knows it. There is a palpable sense of anxiety over what the future holds for America and what it means for the coming generations. The new fluid workforce, global economics, and disruptive information technologies are going to have a significant impact on American competitiveness and, as a result, the opportunities… Read more »

CodeHS Teaches Programming to High School Students

learn programming

Right now, Jeremy Keeshin is on a two-month roadtrip to bring programming workshops to high school students across the country. As cofounder of CodeHS, he wants to prove that computer science can be fun and accessible before college. According to Keeshin, only 5 percent of high schools currently offer AP computer science. On top of… Read more »

Splenvid: Create Beautiful Videos, No Editing Required


Coming this spring, Splenvid is the latest solution to creating meaningful and comprehensive video content. Founded by former Google employees Henry Green and Jeff Raubitschek, Splenvid’s ambitious goal is to create videos automatically for you, no editing required. Green is like most people. He loves to take pictures with his children, commemorating memories as they are… Read more »

Social Good Network Helps Nonprofits Get More Donations


According to the Social Good Network, about 47 percent of people who go to donate to a nonprofit end up giving up. That’s a lot of lost money that the Boise startup wants to put in the hands of worthy causes. Social Good Network’s offerings start with a better donation button for nonprofits’ websites. Instead of… Read more »

Smart PJs, ‘World’s First Interactive Pajamas’, Wins Boise’s Hottest Showcasing Startup

smart pjs

When you were a kid, was there anything more satisfying than your onesies?  Hint: nope.  Pajamas own that soft spot in your heart by combining comfort, self expression, and positive association.  Smart PJs, winner of last night’s Hottest Showcasing Startup – Boise, wants to add technological innovation to this list. Smart PJ’s transforms kid’s evening… Read more »

Mosoro makes hardware app integration easy for mobile app developers


Mobile app development is a vicious cycle. Every time technology hardware improves, so must your app. While it may be easy initially to build a small app following instructions and manuals available online, the process of building an app for a new technology (for example, Bluetooth LE hardware), and keeping your app updated, can be tedious as… Read more »

TeachingTree: Online Learning for the Geek Brain


Since edX launched last May, ten top universities have joined MIT and Harvard in offering free online college courses. Coursera delivers you content from over 50 other universities, Udacity offers college credit for some classes, and Udemy has a library of over 4,500 free courses. But – at least for courses filmed at universities –… Read more »

Workers and Employers Fill Contract Jobs with LaborFeed


In a post-recession job market, more and more companies are leaning on temporary workers. This change means many homeowners and businesses need workers for small jobs, side jobs, contract jobs, day work, and temporary work. Many job sites focus on filling full-time and long-term employment. But LaborFeed matches workers with employers for contract and day-work job… Read more »

Tracky: A Project Management Tool That’s More Fun

project management tool

“Tracky is a lot like a mullet: all business in the front, all social party in the back,” their website jokes. Tracky’s results are real and practical: you can manage multiple projects, keep track of to-do’s and timelines, and assign tasks. Unlike other project management tools, plans are based on the individual (rather than the… Read more »

Vayable: Building the Future of Travel

Campbell - Vayable

Vayable cofounder Jamie Wong used to help friends with their travel plans. It was a hobby; it was something she was simply very passionate about: sharing her own experiences and tips to others. She travel-planned honeymoons, family vacations, and romantic getaways for friends – then she blogged about it on WordPress. This began to spark… Read more »