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8 Things We Learned from Edward Snowden’s Reddit AMA

8 Things We Learned from Edward Snowden's Reddit AMA

At last night’s 86th Academy Awards, host Neil Patrick Harris joked that former National Security Agency (NSA) contractor Edward Snowden wasn’t in attendance because he “couldn’t be there for some treason.” Seconds after making the joke, it was all over social media, with people split between two camps: those denouncing NPH’s joke as ignorant and… Read more »

Local Motors Sponsors NASCAR’s Ben Kennedy


Last week NASCAR racer Ben Kennedy, great grandson of NASCAR founder Bill France Sr., announced a partnership with Las Vegas’ very own Local Motors. The multi-race sponsorship of Kennedy’s No. 11 Local Motors Toyota Tundra truck kicked off on February 20 at the World Truck Series season opener at Daytona International Speedway. Together Local Motors… Read more »

7 Steps to a Prototype for Hardware Startups

hardware startup

So you have a hot new hardware device that you’d like to develop and sell?  Well, your first step is to create a working prototype.  But where should you begin?  There is no doubt that developing hardware is hard, and you can’t expect immediate results.  But if you break it down into manageable steps it… Read more »

3 Design Strategies Essential to Ecommerce Conversions

ecommerce strategy

B2B e-commerce sales were set to hit $1 Trillion in 2014, making Gartner’s $559 Billion prediction for 2013 look downright pessimistic. But despite all this money floating around, too many e-commerce executives and solopreneurs seem to be taking Woody Allen’s “90 percent of success is just showing up” advice far too literally, creating websites and customer experiences… Read more »

How to Choose a VoIP Provider for Small Business Communication

voip systems

Traditional telephone services can turn out to be quite costly, especially if you use them to satisfy the demands of a small or medium-sized business. Thankfully, now small business owners can choose from a number of options when it comes to voice communication, and we are pretty sure that traditional telephone services are one of… Read more »

Cannabis Pocket Reference Is Exactly What It Sounds Like

cannabis apps

With its use clearly growing, marijuana users need an app containing all the information they need to know about it – a platform where everyone can be informed on news and history of cannabis. This is Cannabis Pocket Reference, an Android application you can find an extraordinary database of 225 types of cannabis. Users can choose… Read more »

Imgur Doubles Down on Heightening Visual Storytelling


Header Image credit: There’s rarely a photo post on Reddit that isn’t powered by Imgur these days; they are the internet’s visual storytelling community after all. A big part of their success is the fact that Imgur has been continually updating their image viewing platform to maintain at the head of the pack. Recently they… Read more »

Tapstream Grew 14 Times Larger in Their Founding Year

deep links mobile

Tapstream saw a record year in 2014, boasting a long list of accomplishments. Similarly, product sales coming out of the Vancouver, British Columbia startup show steady growth that puts January 2015 in the books as their best month to date. Overall, Tapstream grew 14 times larger in 2014 and they now handle over 10,000 requests… Read more »

Quickly Schedule Your Employees with When I Work

scheduling tool

Mary is the owner of a newly launched startup. She recently hired three part-time employees and is spending way too much time creating their schedules each week. Due to the stress of creating employee schedules, Mary wishes there was an easier and faster way to schedule her employees at work. If you’re a business owner… Read more »

FounderDating Wants to Hear Your Entrepreneurial Questions

find a cofounder

When we think of the word ‘dating’ we tend to think about star crossed lovers gazing into each other’s eyes; the background scene might be hustling and bustling, but to them the world stands still. But there are more forms of dating outside of the romance angle. I would say that anytime you meet a… Read more »

Radium: Dealing With the Fallout of a Post-Nuclear World


The full consequences of radioactive leaks can take years, sometimes decades, to fully manifest in our foods, fish, and produce that people eat every day. Living in a post-nuclear world means that we have to deal with both the literal and figurative fallout from disasters like Chernobyl and Fukushima. It becomes particularly problematic when you… Read more »

Don’t Let Laundry Day Get the Best of you: Use Washio

laundry service

Laundry day: it’s the bane of my existence. How many times have you gotten super amped up to do laundry only to have something else pop up? “Oh, I’ll do it tomorrow,” you always say. But tomorrow turns into the next day, and the next, ad infinitum. I would bet anything on the fact that I’m… Read more »

Sindeo Gets $5M for Disruptive Mortgage Marketplace

mortgage lending sindeo

Sindeo successfully closed their $5 million Series A funding round led by Renren, one of China’s most prominent social networks; renren literally means “everyone” in Chinese.  In addition to the funding, cofounder and COO of Renren James Liu will be joining Sindeo’s Board of Directors to help keep their mortgage marketplace trending upwards. This current… Read more »

Bonnie Lee: Teaching Life Lessons via Digital Animals

Bonnie Lee

“I have always enjoyed creative writing and short stories. Being brought up in New York – the city opens itself up to one where everyone has a story to tell,” says Bonnie Lady Lee, founder of Bonnie Lee Apps. “I have always had a love for animals; The Bronx Zoo, The Central Park Zoo the… Read more »