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Snoop Dogg to Invest in Cannabis Tech Startups

Snoop Dogg to Invest in Cannabis Tech Startups

It was only a matter of time before prominent cannabis advocates started following Peter Thiel‘s lead and entered the investment side of the legal cannabis industry. Today it was reported by various sources that everybody’s favorite Long Beach rapper Snoop Dogg is raising $25 million to invest strictly in marijuana-centric startups. Specifically, Snoop Dogg will be focusing… Read more »

Improving Business with Live Chat Assistance

live online chat assistance

Communication with customers is key for any business. Customers will often want to pose questions about a variety of subjects, like the business itself, the breakdown of some of the features offered by the product/service in question, how payments work, and so on. I have recently covered “The Importance of Good Customer Communication Tools” but,… Read more »

5 Tricks Used By Ecommerce Marketers To Make You Buy

ecommerce techniques

Ecommerce is no longer a matter of selling. Instead, it has become a matter of psychological exploitation. Online stores rely on all kinds of techniques in order to convince you to buy. You keep telling yourself that you are just taking a peek, yet you end up adding items to your shopping cart like there… Read more »

Israel’s High-Tech Boom is Far From Over

Silicon Wadi Israeli Startups

Silicon Valley is home to many of the world’s most renowned technology companies. From mammoths like Apple, Google, Facebook, and eBay, to startups like Firebase, Optimizely and Lyft; the area is well known for producing the best tech products on Earth. However, just about 7,475 miles away is an unlikely location booming with promising tech… Read more »

Growth Paths: How Savvy Startups Generate Their Own Virality


Virality was once, as the word suggests, eminently unpredictable. Startups would vie for it; each trying to create the next Candy Crush to instantly capture the consumer imagination. But, increasingly, savvy startups with strong core products are able to generate their own virality and utilize mixed strategies to more accurately predict drastic upsurges in growth,… Read more »

5 Ways to Improve Customer Relations Through Communication

5 Ways to Improve Customer Relations Through Communication

Today’s consumer is looking for more than just a product to buy or service to use. Consumers today also want an improved customer experience, which can only be achieved through better communication between the consumer and the company. Social media has paved the way for enhanced communication, but not everyone wants to carry on a conversation… Read more »

Easily Create Better Content with Visme

Visme Create Better Content

Having a strong online presence is imperative for today’s modern business, but a lot of people find it difficult to create designs that will be compelling enough to attract and retain an audience. Visme is an app that’s here to make the process of designing easier than ever, this includes infographics, presentations, web banners, resumes, animations,… Read more »

How to Use TurboAppeal to Save on Property Taxes

How to Use Turbo Appeal to Save on Property Taxes

Most People are Paying Too Much in Property Taxes For homeowners, mortgages and property taxes often make up a large portion of annual expenses. Before making the decision to buy real estate, it’s important that prospective buyers take both things into consideration before going all in on making a purchase. While mortgage rates differ for everyone, property… Read more »

For Klutch, Platform Agnosticism Equals Big Success

Klutch development

Klutch recently announced the official launch of their Android and web-based apps, completing the development of their frictionless real-time scheduling platform. It’s a huge step forward for the team at Klutch, who had a major pivot in September 2014. The two new platform offerings in Android and web will be joining Klutch’s already existing iPhone… Read more »

Yelp Meets Instagram in New Product Reviews App

Instagram Meets Yelp in New Prefies App

In a perfect world, we’d have all the knowledge about a particular product or set of products before making our decision to purchase; however, we don’t live in this kind of world – if we did, then people everywhere wouldn’t be experiencing buyer’s remorse every time they end up discovering that something they bought simply… Read more »

Nice Laundry: Adding More to Your Sock Drawer

Nice Laundry

Phil Moldavski was known for his impeccable taste in clothes – you could find him in a tailored button-down shirt, nice jeans, and a good pair of shoes, but one item didn’t fit his dress code: the white Adidas gym socks. “I convinced him to buy a nice pair of dress socks, but it cost… Read more »

Avoid Outrageous Service Fees With Visage Payroll

payroll service for startups

Are you tired of paying big bucks to manage your payroll system? Visage Payroll, a free service for startups, helps employers eliminate payroll fees, tax penalties, and most importantly, save employers thousands of dollars on paycheck services. Employers don’t have time or money to waste on inefficient systems. With Visage Payroll, employers can focus on… Read more »