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Tech Cocktail

Drive Safely, Drive Smartly,


When it comes to driving, teenagers seem to be like a category five hurricane: destruction apparently follows them everywhere. Insurance agencies tend to gouge this demographic on premiums and monthly rates simply because of their age. But what if you do not fit this mold? What if you are a fantastic teenage driver? You can… Read more »

Who is Tech Cocktail Week’s Hottest Showcasing Startup? [Poll]

tech cocktail week hottest showcasing startup

You know the drill.  The second week of every month, Tech Cocktail puts on an awesome conference called Tech Cocktail Week held in the emerging utopia that is Downtown Las Vegas.  That week is right around the corner, and as part of April’s Tech Cocktail Week, we’re thrilled to put on another Tech Cocktail Week Startup Showcase and Mixer.  And… Read more »

Take Advantage of Public Transportation Downtime with TransitChatter


Public transportation offers riders something that has become a premium in today’s fast-paced society: downtime. TransitChatter offers a solution for riders to better spend their time in transit. Founded by Samuel Pro and David Rogers, TransitChatter expands on current public transportation applications. TransitChatter supplies a forum for riders to anonymously vent and connect with other… Read more »

Toast Wins Chicago’s Hottest Showcasing Startup


Toast, the new iOS app for the nightlife industry that helps customers save money at bars by way of membership, took home the title of Chicago’s Hottest Showcasing Startup at last night’s Tech Cocktail Chicago Mixer. We caught up with Lakshman Mody to learn more about how Toast is taking the nightlife industry by storm.

SeedRef Launches a Klout Score for Your Character


After Klout launched in 2008, social media users flocked to the site to find out their Klout score, supposedly a measure of their influence online. It’s hard not to be curious about how you stack up against your friends and followers. But it’s hard not to, in the next breath, wonder what’s the point of… Read more »

Partner with BestBuzz to Stimulate and Track Digital Buzz for Your Brand


“Every business owner will tell you that word-of-mouth is the best form of advertising,” says Carrie Layne, CEO and founder of BestBuzz. The problem Layne sees is that traditional word-of-mouth is slow and data-less. BestBuzz brings word-of-mouth into the tech age. Layne’s integrated marketing service offers a start-to-finish solution for promotions and campaigns. Not only… Read more »

Real-Time Scheduling: A New Reality With Atlas


Atlas is known in Greek mythology as the primordial titan who held up the celestial sphere. The poet Virgil commonly associated adjectives with these titans to help describe their nature of being. For Atlas, he chose the Latin durus: hard, enduring. Apply that knowledge to Hunter Gray and Michel Bayan’s time scheduling platform, aptly named… Read more »

ElectNext Creates Digital Baseball Cards for Politicians


If you’re still unconvinced that nerds are taking over the world, then clearly you were not tuned into last year’s presidential election. Big data (and the nerds who used it) were impressively relevant last year, as we saw the rise in prominence of Nate Silver (who accurately predicted the election using his math and data nerd… Read more »

DC-Based Kona Kase Delivers Monthly, Healthy Treats to Endurance Athletes


Have you noticed the gold rush toward subscription based delivery services over the last couple of years?  Perhaps you’re familiar with Truck Club, Birchbox, Foodzie, and/or  Science Inc.  has doubled down on this trend with their backing of Wittlebee, Dollar Shave Club, Urban Remedy, and Fresh Dish.  With the success of those who have paved the way, the… Read more »

Make Money on Google Hangouts with HangPay


If you want to make some extra money on the side, HangPay lets you charge money for Google Hangouts. The process is simple: just share your personal HangPay link with someone. When they click on it, you’ll get a notification. Open up the Hangout, choose a price, and start talking. If they reject the fee,… Read more »

Turn News Into Knowledge With Delve


Daily news consumption is an important aspect of nearly everyone’s life, regardless of the medium. While it’s easy to personally educate yourself on the latest news, keeping an entire organization informed poses a new kind of challenge. News often spreads across an organization in a scattered and disorganized way, increasing the risk of misinformation. While… Read more »

Send and Receive Real-World Gifts Instantly with Jifiti


Yaacov Martin, Meir Dudai, and Shaul Weisband, a dynamic team of three based out of Columbus, Ohio, have designed a brand new way to send and receive gifts. Jifiti offers a way to tell your friends and family what you want, but with the added twist of instant gratification. “You know that feeling when you’re walking… Read more »