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Will Dorsata’s Focus on Data Solve the Inefficiencies in America’s Healthcare System?


America’s healthcare system is expensive, and part of this is because a good bulk of our spending on healthcare is wasteful. A 2012 report from the Institute of Medicine estimated that the United States loses some $750 billion dollars annually to the provision of unnecessary services, inefficient patient care delivery, excessive administrative costs, inflated prices, prevention failures,… Read more »

12 Key Considerations for Facebook’s $19 Billion WhatsApp Deal


The app development world was abuzz last week with news of Facebook’s purchase of the WhatsApp messaging app for U.S. $19 billion. For that amount of money, according to a Harvard Business Review blog posting, Facebook could have purchased Sony, Gap or four aircraft carriers instead of the tiny startup that so far had accumulated barely… Read more »

5 Trends Driving e-Commerce in 2014


At this year’s Super Bowl, fans instantly knew where to go to buy that hot dog or grab a t-shirt, thanks to the NFL’s massive location-based marketing campaign. The league installed wireless transmitters throughout the stadium and Times Square that interacted with fans’ smartphones, so they could find all of the information they needed with… Read more »

CommuteStream Launches Network to Use Mass Transit Patterns to Target Consumers


This week, Chicago-based CommuteStream launched a platform to offer brands a new way to reach consumers based on commute patterns. Using “Predictive Geo-Targeting” to display content based on individual rider travel routines and preferences, applications that collect transit data can use the patent-pending technology to display locally relevant advertisements to riders using their app. This… Read more »

The Value of a Secret: What Startups Can Learn from Silicon Valley’s Latest Obsession


Arguably the birthplace of corporate openness and workplace diversity, Silicon Valley has recently been plagued by the whisperings of its startups’ dirty little secrets. Thanks to Secret, the app that allows for the anonymous sharing of messages to one’s networks, the startup world is recently rife with confessions and revelations – none of which can be… Read more »

Cybersecurity Startup, ThreatStream, Raises $4M in Series A Round Led by Google Ventures


Today California-based ThreatStream announced that it has raised a $4 million round led by Google Ventures. The Series A round also involved Paladin Capital Group, Cloudera CEO’s Tom Reilly, and Hugh Njemanze, former CTO and founder of ArcSight. ThreatStream is a SaaS-based cybersecurity startup that has created the Optic platform, a crowdsourced cybsersecurity intelligence solution that goes… Read more »

Who is SXSW’s Hottest Showcasing Startup? [POLL]

sxsw startups

There’s this tech conference held in Austin, Texas every year called South by Southwest.  Perhaps you’ve heard of it? Of course you’ve heard of it.  Because it’s been around for 27 years and continually getting bigger.  Because it’s home to world class parties, music, talks, and personalities.  Because if you’re a tech startup, it’s where… Read more »

Can eduCanon Impact Education Using YouTube in the Classroom?


“The lecturing-in-front-of-the-room approach just isn’t the right way anymore,” says Ben Levy. Levy is a former middle school science teacher with Teach for America and – according to him – there is an increasing trend in education toward modifying teaching methods to accommodate the different learning styles of students. During his time in the classroom, however,… Read more »

Keep Tabs On The Olympics With These 5 Apps


The Winter Olympics come once every four years and only stay for a couple of weeks. Most of the world watches these fierce competitions with dropped jaws and wide eyes as top athletes contort their bodies in crazy tricks and world-record speeds. Unfortunately, the world doesn’t completely come to a halt for these inspiring events, and… Read more »

8 Resources for Online Learners


Do you want to use the Internet for something more substantial than tweeting and watching cat videos on YouTube? It would be a shame to waste all that potential without learning about the things that interest you, regardless of your age or the industry you work in. Social studies, anthropology, math, foreign languages… no problem – you… Read more »

How to Bring your App to Market


You wake up in the middle of the night, drenched in a cold sweat. Shakily, you grab a pad and paper and jot down the ideas that are swimming in your head. Overcome by exhaustion, your head falls back to the pillow and you fall back asleep. The next morning, you wake up and read the notepad… Read more »