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Medallia and SXSW Do Some Good for Austin’s Homeless


Startup Medallia and Austin’s Foundation for The Homeless are teaming up to do some good at SXSW. Volunteers with ‘Donate Your Swag To The Homeless’ t-shirts stood outside the ACC and collected any extra swag, the multitide of gifts and giveaways that one gets at the festival, to help Austin’s homeless. T-shirts, caps, totes, sunglasses, lip balm, notebooks, pens and other office/school supply-type… Read more »

Help Cure Cancer by Playing a Game

Play to Cure: Genes in Space

A clever gaming app called “Play To Cure: Genes in Space” is helping scientists with cancer research by having players analyze data from real patients.  The mobile app is a potential game-changer in that it uses gamers as crowdsourced labor in processing immense amounts of data at virtually no cost. Play To Cure was launched… Read more »

Who are the Challenge Cup Austin’s Hottest Showcasing Startups? [POLL]

challenge cup austin

In case you missed it, Tech Cocktail has proudly partnered with 1776, the Washington, DC-based startup incubator, to bring you the Challenge Cup – a global competition to identify the hottest startups in education, energy, health, and smart cities. On January 17th, Challenge Cup will bring the excitement to Austin, where dozens of startups will battle for the four regional… Read more »

How Local Businesses and Nonprofits Can Benefit from Give to Win


Wouldn’t it be great if you could support your community through local businesses and local nonprofits, at the same time? I mean both are equally significant to the lifeblood of the community – one supports us by providing the goods and services that we need, while the other provides support for social causes that make our communities… Read more »

Outsourcing Done Right: Impact Hub and The Case for Impact Sourcing


In September 2010, an NBC/Wall Street Journal poll showed that 86 percent of Americans agreed that U.S. companies utilizing outsourced services in foreign countries was one of the contributors to this country’s economy and unemployment. For Dave Haft, this percentage is surely concerning – after all, he founded Impact Hub, a startup built on the business of outsourcing – but… Read more »

Lily&Strum: A Successful Re-Branding


Let’s do a quick startup name etymology with Lily&Strum. “Lily” comes from the beautiful lilies that Traci Lipple would receive from her co-founder and husband Joe as a “just because” gift. The “Strum” is an homage to Joe Strummer, the musician who inspired their attitude and thinking towards relationships. When you combine the two into… Read more »

Uruut is All About “U” and Your Roots in the Community


How would you pronounce the name Uruut? Bobby Norwood, COO, let me in on a little secret: it’s a lot simpler than it seems. Actually pronounced “you-root,” Uruut is all about “U” and your roots in the community. “As the definition of community evolves to embrace changing technology, this doesn’t mean only your local neighborhood,” says Norwood…. Read more »

Follow Through on Your Good Intentions, Use BOND


I rarely interrupt my morning breakfast ritual for anything, but an email I got the other day forced my hand. There was something different about this email, though, because inside was a beautifully designed and laid-out electronic note. The top reads, “Introducing BOND, it’s now easy to be exceptional with handwritten notes and cool gifts.”… Read more »

Boost Your Cause with VideoJuice


Popular crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo are a brilliant way to promote your project. They are platforms that allow people to engage with your concept and ultimately buy into your vision. Usually, you’ve made nothing tangible yet; it will be made if – and only if – a number of people get behind it. Crowdfunding sites… Read more »

This 1.5 Inch Sticker Will Make You Undetectable to Mosquitoes

kite lead

In 2011, halfway into a five-month backpacking trip along the Appalachian Trail, I was forced to pay an emergency visit to the hospital due to blurred vision, migraines, and severe fatigue. After running a series of tests, the doctors hypothesized that I was dehydrated, filled me with an intravenous saline solution, and sent me on… Read more »