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Tech Cocktail

Encore: An Innovative Way to Captivate Your Donors


How much do you know about the daily struggles and triumphs of the charities you support?  If you’re involved with a nonprofit yourself, how do you engage supporters and share the incredible stories that make your work worthwhile?  Newsletters, more often than not, are deleted from inboxes almost as automatically as spam.  On the rare… Read more »

DonationMatch Helps Charities Get Donations from Companies


If companies want to donate to charity, their traditional options are limited: post a form on their website for donation requests, or maybe visit a local nonprofit. But a few services online are starting to connect them to nonprofits directly. Auction Frogs connects businesses with nonprofits who need donations for their auctions. BrandingForGood takes donations… Read more »

Seeds: Microlending for Women Entrepreneurs


Spending a night in a Nairobi prison helped Rachel Cook see firsthand how much the region needs microlending. As she recounts, she was driving through Nairobi in a cab when four men with rifles blocked their path. Cook and her friend were ushered outside and taken to a local police station, where their cell phones… Read more »

Benevolent Puts a Human Face on Charity


Charity is about changing lives, but some ways are clearer than others. As donors, we want to see and feel the impact our dollars have on people’s lives, which is why programs like Heifer International or food drives are so popular – you can envision the meal eaten by a hungry family. Chicago startup and… Read more »

MLOVE: A Little Mobile Zen for the Soul


I spent a most empowering week in a castle in Germany, exploring the current state and the future of mobile. The MLOVE ConFestival gathered 200 thought leaders from around the world, exploring how communication and mobile are progressing quickly and how it is indeed our responsibility to make mobile technology usable – helping the underserved,… Read more »

4 Startups Doing Social Good


Recently Malcolm Gladwell, bestselling author of The Tipping Point and Blink, made the claim that history’s greatest entrepreneurs are amoral.  When confronted with a decision between what was best for the health of their business and what was most ethical, Gladwell believes, entrepreneurs have empirically favored the former. It’s hard to argue with his case.  The… Read more »

DC-Based Online Auction Sites Turned Fundraising Machines


Online auction sites are all the rage.  We’re not talking about the old standby, eBay – we are talking about the rise of a new kind of auction that allows you to bid on people. Two DC-based startups, BizGravity and HugeFan, provide their own unique web-based platforms that let you bid on and win “meetings”… Read more »

Can Socialnate Re-Create Social Media?


It’s a gutsy move to decide you’re going to re-create social media, but that is exactly what Socialnate was designed to do.  By socially donating your influence, you and your startup can share your impact on the world while simultaneously influencing others to create their own impact. Of course, it’s also a great way to… Read more »