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Could LearnerNation Take Down Blackboard’s Dominance as a Learning Platform?


Last month, Blackboard opened a new office in Boston – just another in a collection of branches across four continents (Asia, North America, Europe, and Australia). The Washington, DC-based company is renown for its early role in the e-learning space, and has since become the dominant player in providing learning and education software for schools and enterprises. Currently,… Read more »

VacationFutures Offers the Best Way to Manage Your Vacation Property


According to travel website, of the 14 days of vacation that the average American received in 2012, only 10 of those days were actually used. Aside from such dolorous findings of vacation depravity, this information helps us to understand the significance of VacationFutures. Vacation home sales were more than 10 percent higher in 2012 than in the… Read more »

4 Reasons to Ditch for BudgetSimple


“Saving money has never been more difficult,” said some twenty-something Millennial attempting to connect with the rest of the world. But, really though, saving money just seems to be a difficult task for many of us; when there aren’t bills to be paid (hello, struggling to keep my home), then there are other things on… Read more »

3 Reasons Why OpenCurriculum is Set to Impact Education in the Developing World


According to the United Nations, a “Least Developed Country” (LDC) is one that exhibits the lowest indicator of socioeconomic development, per three criteria: poverty, human resource weakness (as they relate to health and education), and economic vulnerability (due to instability of weather, agricultural production, government support, etc.)  Of the three, though, human capital has been… Read more »

The Hottest IT Trend Steps up to Bat with the FTC


With the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) having recently met to discuss the regulation on what has been popularized as “The Internet of Things,” new regulation may be on its way to better control the data that more and more of our everyday devices are generating. Two points of view come to a head in the debate… Read more »

8th Stage Aims to Bring Back Artist Development in the Music Industry


“Artist development is dead,” as Marcus D. Cobbs – co-founder and CEO Of 8th Stage – bluntly puts it. Cobbs explains that, as recently as Justin Bieber, artists went through the funnel of artist development, wherein a record offers to develop a specific artist’s skills and public image. The industry, however, has shifted away from that model… Read more »

Window Shopping Goes Digital with Reppio


Imagine a situation where you have to find a really cute, one-of-a-kind outfit for a fundraising event that’s, say, happening tonight. Much like everyone else, though, you don’t really have the time to go through your city’s local boutique stores to find that perfect ensemble. With Reppio, pinpointing the local retailer best tied to your tastes… Read more »

I’ve got 99 problems but software development ain’t one


Or, at least, it shouldn’t be. Was my title effective in luring you in? I think Jay-Z lyrics just have a way of attracting that kind of attention. Software development is (often) not a one-man project (unlike Jay-Z who – let’s be honest – is fully capable of handling anything on his own). It usually… Read more »

Want to Invest In Your Favorite Small Business? Then, Fund the Republic


Crowdfunding should not be new to anyone. With growth expected to reach $5.1 billion raised in this year alone (representing an incredible 89 percent increase in dollars raised from 2012), the crowdfunding industry is certainly one on which you’ve kept your eye. Besides sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, however, numerous crowdfunding niches are really taking off, ranging from… Read more »

Widen Releases Digital Asset Management Mobile App


Widen Enterprises, a digital asset management (DAM) software company based in Madison, Wisconsin, announced this week that they have produced a DAM mobile app for iOS. The company has also launched a mobile site for both iOS and Android devices. Through the Widen DAM iOS app (version 1.0) and mobile site, users can now easily access digital assets… Read more »

GitBadger: Bridging the Disconnect Between Developers and Project Managers


Off the bat: GitBadger is not “the new GitHub.” GitHub is all about “social coding” – the notion that open discussion and open sharing are the keys to any development community; because of this, GitHub is open-sourced and open-distributed. While many of its key aspects are inherently social, GitBadger’s repositories are all private and are only accessible to team… Read more »