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Tech Cocktail

The Crowd Puts Veronica Belmont and Tony Conrad to Question in San Francisco


During our Startup Mixology launch, we stopped in San Francisco for a rousing fireside chat with both Veronica Belmont and Tony Conrad. Frank Gruber led the two through some great discussion topics before turning the microphones over to the crowd for a Q&A session. The crowd pressed Belmont and Conrad with some very interesting questions from how… Read more »

Mamá Knows Best: Motherly Advice For Entrepreneurs


Mother’s Day is upon us, and we couldn’t end this series on Andres Moreno at Tech Cocktail Miami Sessions without mentioning one of the event’s highlights: Moreno’s mother, Marianela Jimenez.  She briefly joined her son on stage, and when asked asked about being the mother of the co-founder and CEO of Open English, she explained that at times it… Read more »