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Tech Cocktail

Jason Fried Shares His Hopes for Entrepreneurial Chicago [VIDEO]


In December, Tech Cocktail CEO and co-founder Frank Gruber sat down with 37signals founder Jason Fried for a fireside chat. These talks give us a chance to have an in-depth conversation with entrepreneurs who have amassed a considerable amount of knowledge and experience along their journeys. Jason Fried certainly qualifies as knowledgeable and experienced, as… Read more »

Jen McCabe’s Three Lessons for Entrepreneurs [Video]

TCSessions_JenMcCabe (1)

About five years ago, Jen McCabe moved from Washington D.C. to Silicon Valley with just a suitcase and ambition. She was leaving a nonprofit healthcare background in DC, where she volunteered for Matthew Holt who had just started The Healthcare Blog and Health 2.0. In her mind, McCabe was absolutely convinced that somebody should build… Read more »

Heidi Sieck is Using Technology to Transform Her World


Before serving as the COO at, Heidi Sieck spent her time leading the 311 Customer Service Center in San Francisco. It was, according to her, a truly impossible project that consisted of aggregating 2,500 listed telephone numbers, 70 agencies and organizations, and duplicative services. But she was determined to get it launched, and she… Read more »

Innovation is the Key, According to Michael Tchong

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Michael Tchong is famous for his entrepreneurial ventures with MacWEEK, Atelier Systems, CyberAtlas, and ICONOCAST. Through his experiences, Tchong has had a lot of time to consider what innovation truly is. He sees a lot of current companies appointing Chief Innovation Officers (CIO), but at the same time, he sees these CIOs with no viable… Read more »

Tim Draper: “You’re on the World to Change It” [VIDEO]


Venture capitalist Tim Draper, the founder of Draper Fisher Jurvetson, believes in world-changing ideas. Speaking at Tech Cocktail Week in downtown Vegas, Draper predicted some of the big breakthroughs in the next 15 years, like near-infinite energy and noninvasive surgery. The startups he wants to invest in are tackling big problems like these, completely disrupting… Read more »