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Unsubscribe from Emails in 1 Click with

unrollme launches today to let you unsubscribe from email lists with a flick of the wrist.

Just connect to your Gmail, Yahoo, or AOL account, see a list of subscription emails automagically appear before your eyes, and mark the ones to get rid of.

unsubscribe emails

You can also click that curved arrow to shoot the email back to your inbox; I did that with my credit card statements, which I don’t want to miss. And choose morning, afternoon, or evening to receive your “rollup,” a summary of your subscription emails:

unsubscribe emails

It’s not perfect yet. helpfully sorts emails into categories; for example, my Twitter and LinkedIn went into “social.” But I couldn’t figure out how to change those categories; one of my credit card emails, for example, went into “shopping” rather than “financial.” And I’d prefer if they pulled in logos from sites like Twitter and American Airlines, rather than showing rolls of yarn (like the visual inbox behind PhilterIt). is cofounded by CEO Josh Rosenwald, COO Jojo Hedaya, CTO Steven Greenberg, and adviser Perri Gorman.

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3 Responses to “Unsubscribe from Emails in 1 Click with”



    Honestly this is hit or miss and that's giving it a bit too much credit. I've used it for a few weeks. One day I'll get 50% of the emails I asked it to roll up, the next day it will capture all of them and be anywhere in between the next day. It's a great idea that needs some serious help.



      I haven't had this problem yet. In fact, has been awesome for me for the last month or so. They just came out of Beta so hopefully any issues will be ironed out.


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