3 Out-of-the-Box Hiring Tips for Your Startup

January 24, 2017

5:50 pm

Hiring the right employee for your startup can be a challenging process. You want someone who is qualified, can get the job done, is a team player and fits in with your company’s culture. Here are a few hiring tips from three successful companies who are going beyond the superficial interview in order to find the best suited candidate for the job.

Get To Know Your Applicants On A Deeper Level

Many startups do a background check, interview the applicant or test them and call it a day. One of America’s most successful companies, Zappos, is taking it a bit further by observing their applicants outside of the interview room. The company looks for people who fit in socially, intellectually and emotionally.

Approved applicants are flown to Zapppos’ corporate offices in Nevada. They are chauffeured to their hotel and Zappos’ offices by drivers, who also happen to be employees of the company. The driver pays close attention to the behavior of the applicant and reports back to the recruiter. Applicants who are rude are immediately disqualified. Zappos only wants to hire people who treat fellow workers with respect.

The lesson here is that you may want to schedule more time with prospective applicants before sealing the deal. Most candidates will be at their best behavior at an interview. Perhaps take them out to a lunch or a company sponsored event and observe how they get along with others.

Focus On Common Values

Hiring people who share common values and beliefs can make your team more cohesive. One company who makes common values a number one priority when hiring is Chick-Fil-A. Compared to most franchises that require a six figure investment, it takes a mere $5,000 to open a Chick-Fil-A location. However, it does take embracing traditional Christian values. The company also favors married men finding them more industrious and ambitious. The formula seems to be working as the common took away $3.1 million in revenue in 2014.

The takeaway for your startup is that even if you eschew the traditional corporate culture mentality, work culture is still important. Hiring people with common values tends to create a better working environment and raise team spirits.

Offer Work Study

Hire the best people you can afford and train them. That’s exactly what Dyson is doing. The company is famous for it’s high-end vacuum cleaners and its Supersonic hair dryer which cost $67 million dollars, 4 years and 100 engineers to manually test and manufacture.

As part of their talent development, Dyson hires recruits straight of high school and enrolls staff in a work and study program that includes lectures from university professors. The program gives students the chance to earn a degree in engineering.

Training and educating your staff on a continuous basis is imperative if you want to stay ahead of the curve. Technology is constantly evolving and you want to give your employees the knowledge, tools and know-how to excel.

The Bottom Line

Hiring the right people can make or break your startup. Go beyond the superficial interview process in order to really get to know your applicants, find out their goals and observe how they interact with others. Having the right team on your side can make all the difference.

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