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11 Entrepreneurs Share Their Biggest Failures

Ask any entrepreneur and they will say they have learned a lot. And while success is a big part of growing as an entrepreneur, nothing helps you grow faster than failure. The Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) asked 11 entrepreneurs to share some of their…


6 Reasons Most Mobile App Startups Fail

It might seem to be a bit too difficult to believe but most startups investing in mobile app development are not able to make profits or even break even. The number of mobile apps are growing, but the revenue from each are falling. Why…


3 Ways To Overcome Failure In Sales

Many people who dislike sales have this opinion because of the fear of rejection. And while failure is a part of every job, in sales you typically have more failure than success. You must be brave to be on the front lines and sell. This…



3 Keys To Being a Great Storyteller

A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to share my story as an entrepreneur at my alma mater, The University of San Diego. Excited about the opportunity, I took time to find trends in what made great storytellers. Researching over 30 amazing speakers,…


30 Founders Share Why Their Startups Failed

If you’re going to fail, do it fast…and write a post-mortem to share some of your learning experiences with fellow entrepreneurs. CB Insights compiled over 100 startups post-mortems that described why their startups failed. Most were written by the founders …