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Verizon Connect Field Service Dispatch Review – 2019

August 5, 2019

5:47 am

Verizon Connect Dispatch logo
  • Established: Aug 2019
  • HQ: USA
  • Easy dispatching
  • Live map
  • Mobile app
  • CRM features

A high-quality field service software, for small and medium operations

The Verizon Connect Field Service Dispatch software offers advanced functionality for small or medium sized businesses with between five and 50 employees. It offers highly accurate real-time location tracking, integrated customer relationship management tools, and an intuitive mobile app for technicians, for a complete field service solution. Verizon Connect Dispatch provides the potential for a game-changing suite of connected operations, when combined with Verizon Connect's fleet management and other services. 

  • Support is international: Verizon Connect has offices in ten North American cities and a presence in EMEA, Asia Pacific, and Latin America.
  • Services many industries, including plumbing, electrical, lawn care, and HVAC businesses

Verizon Connect Field Service Dispatch software allows managers to arrange and dispatch jobs to technicians out working in the field, all from a centralized dashboard. It comes as an add-on module to Verizon Connect Reveal vehicle tracking software. This makes it a no-brainer for companies already using Verizon to manage their fleet, and a bonus for companies with both fleet and field service needs, who can benefit from more powerful insights by choosing Verizon Connect.

Verizon Connect Dispatch ensures that you can track all your technicians easily, and that technicians can track their own progress, with notes and photos from their job sites. In addition, the CRM features help to streamline communication with clients.

The new Verizon Connect Dispatch service integrates well with Verizon Connect Reveal fleet management, and is streamlined, with no unneeded auxiliary services. One notable service that's missing: invoicing features are not included with Verizon Connect Field Service Dispatch. Users will instead need a third-party service. While this reduces functionality, it also ensures better business invoicing, as clients can choose a purpose-built third-party service, such as Quickbooks. Also, make sure to get a quote with our pricing tool before you lock yourself in.

Below are the features, support and pricing details you should know about.

In This Guide:


  • Impressive feature set for SMBs
  • Complete oversight with integrated fleet management and CRM features
  • Very easy to use
  • Strong support


  • Not the cheapest
  • No invoicing features

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Verizon Connect Dispatch Software: Features and Benefits

Browse through some of the features and benefits available from Verizon Connect Field Service Dispatch software below:

Central Dashboard

Verizon Connect Reveal Dispatch schedulingThe manager's dashboard holds a calendar view of all current, completed and upcoming jobs. The manager can view each technician's workload, allowing them to see which technician to assign each job to.

When a manager is ready to assign a job, they can set the exact date and start time, and can choose whether to send the job information to the technician immediately or wait until the technician has completed their previous job. Job assignments include read receipts, so that dispatchers will always know when a technician has seen their next assignment.

Live Map Integration

Verizon Connect Dispatch tracks field technicians through their vehicles, rather than their mobile devices, since Dispatch is available as an add-on to the Verizon Connect Reveal service. So Reveal's real-time vehicle tracking functionality and its live map are both integrated into the Dispatch app.

CRM Abilities

The service also comes with an in-built customer relationship management function designed to help managers rapidly identify repeat customers when contacted.

This feature kicks in when an incoming phone call is recognized by Verizon Connect's software, which then pulls up that customer's user profile, helping managers know what tasks the customer is likely to require and which technicians have helped them in the past. For new callers, the feature can instead create a new profile from scratch, ensuring the customer will be in the system for future calls.

In addition, customers can be easily reminded of future jobs or automatically alerted when a technician is running late for a job — they'll simply receive a company-branded SMS or email message.

Jobs on the Verizon Dispatch field service software mobile app

Mobile App

The service includes a complimentary mobile app designed for use by technicians in the field. It allows its users to quickly receive and send messages and track their progress, ensuring they fulfill each task before heading to the next.

Technicians will see each new task, as well as any additional details added by the dispatcher. Technicians can then respond with a quick “on my way” message, and can hit a “start” button once they are on location. During the job, technicians can add any notes or photos they want, all of which can be seen in real time by the dispatcher, making sure everyone stays on the same page. Then, once the job is complete, the customer's signature can be recorded directly into the app.

Reminders and Alerts

To keep everyone on the same page, auto-alerts can be set up to let customers know if a technician is running late to a job, as well as to reminder customers of future jobs they've booked in. Alerts can be sent via SMS or email, and customized to your company's branding.

Verizon Connect Dispatch Set Up and Customer Support

Verizon Connect's Field Service Dispatch support is available through the same channels as the main Verizon Connect Reveal vehicle tracking software offered by the telecommunications conglomerate. Verizon Connect's support page offers a variety of support phone lines to call, depending on which software is giving a customer trouble.

Getting set up is simple: Verizon Connect Reveal's onboarding process includes free hardware units packaged alongside the monthly software license, and the company will dispatch their own agents to install the units free of charge.

Verizon Connect Dispatch Support & Training

icons8 headset

Support options

  • Phone
  • Email
  • Live Chat
  • M-Th 7am–7pm EST; F 7am-5pm

icons8 training

Training options

  • Documentation
  • Webinars
  • Live Online

Verizon Connect Dispatch Plans and Pricing

Costs for the best field service software can vary depending on your needs. For Verizon Connect's Dispatch solution, however, the costs are simple and easy to sum up: An operation will pay $20 per month, per technician for access to the service's features and support.

It's important to note that this is an add-on service, so that $20/month/user figure will be folded into the larger bill that each operation pays for access to the entire Verizon Connect fleet management service. And, since Verizon Connect does not provide hardware like phones or tablets, each operation will need to use their preexisting mobile devices or purchase their own.

If you're in doubt about which service is for you, there's no harm in getting a quote today so that you can better match the best service with your unique needs.

Verizon Connect Field Service Dispatch: The Verdict

Verizon Connect Dispatch offers the strong suite of core features needed to ensure a field service business stays flexible and efficient while prioritizing safety and accountability.

The service is not a one-size-fits-all software: It has intentionally cut out any auxiliary features that won't help a small business hit its daily and long-term goals. This makes the service a simple solution that most small to medium field service businesses need. If you're seriously considering getting a field service software for your business, grab a personalized price with our helpful quotes tool now.

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