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Best Pest Control Business Software

August 29, 2018

10:11 am

Pest infestations are no laughing matter. Between termites, cockroaches, and the occasional family of rats, a household or business suffering from a pest infestation is understandably stressed, upset and keen to see the problem addressed professionally. When dealing with a pest control specialist, they'll want to know they're in safe hands. That's why running the right software for your pest control business so important.

If you've any experience dealing with infestations, you'll know that pest control requires more trust and workflow efficiency than plenty of other businesses. After all, your customers are handing their entire home over to you, which means mistakes are going to cost you a lot more time and money. And with the entire industry projected to make $13.68 billion in revenue in 2019, getting it right is more important than ever.

Fortunately, there are a number of helpful business softwares that can make running your pest control business a breeze.

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Top 10 Pest Control Business Software Providers

Choosing the right pest control business software is far from obvious at first. That's why we've rounded up the best ones to save you a little time. Take a look at some of the pest control business softwares below and don't forget to get a quote for your own company, as prices vary from software to software.

The Best Pest Control Software Providers include:

  • HouseCall Pro – an industry-leading field service management software supplier
  • PestaRoo – a smaller company with an exclusive focus on pest control field service software
  • ServSuite by Service Pro – a customizable field service option with marketing features built-in
  • GorillaDesk – a field service software for any size company with top-rated customer support
  • PestRoutes – automation-focused field service software designed for pest control companies
  • Verizon Connect Field Service Dispatch – an industry-leading, easy-to-use service only available as an add-on to Verizon Connect Reveal
  • Smart Service – a mobile-optimized field service software that acts as a direct add-on to Quickbooks
  • Send A Job – a field service software that makes automation and communication a priority
  • PestPac by WorkWave – a fully comprehensive field service software with a slightly higher price tag
  • Jobber – an all-encompassing field service software that is proven to save your business time

Which provider is best for you and your business? This depends on the scale of your operation and the particular needs of your team. The smartest move you can make is to get a price quote from multiple providers – that way, you can receive cost estimates that are bespoke to your business, and choose the service that appeals the most.

Housecall Pro logo HouseCall Pro for Pest Control

HouseCall Pro Job Description

As one of the most popular field service management softwares on the market, it stands to reason that HouseCall Pro would be great at helping you run your pest control business. This all-in-one platform can help you with scheduling, dispatching, invoicing, customer service, payment processing, and even marketing.

HouseCall Pro does suffer from a lack of customization options in certain situations. However, in the event that the easy-to-use platform isn't working to your specific needs, HouseCall Pro has a vast customer support team, available 24/7, that will help you solve the problem in a flash.

Plus, with a number of mobile options, you'll be able to manage your pest control business on-the-go with ease. Simply put, HouseCall Pro is popular for good reason.

PestaRoo Logo PestaRoo Pest Control Software

Pestaroo Work Order

Field service software companies that service a wide range of industries can be great. But, if you want to choose a tried-and-tested company that focuses exclusively on pest control, PestaRoo is the a great choice.

In addition to features such as dispatch and fleet management, you'll also be able to bill and invoice customers easily, and even keep track of inventory.

PestaRoo comes with mobile access as well, so you won't have to be in the office to manage your team out in the field. PestaRoo is available on most operating systems, although multiple reviews have complained about its compatibility with Windows.

Also, because it's a smaller operation, PestaRoo's customer support options are minimal – but, the team gets the job done when you need them to. Plus, PestaRoo is easily one of the more affordable software options on this list, so you might want to evaluate your needs before making a pricier choice.

ServSuite by Service Pro ServSuite by Service Pro

ServSuite Scheduler

ServSuite by Service Pro is dedicated to making your pest control business easier to run. It has smart features such as route optimization, payment management, and marketing services.

Even better, ServSuite comes with thorough analytic tools so that you know what's working and, more importantly, what's not. Plus, with easy add-on modules for commissions, collections, and credit card processing, you can pick and choose exactly what you need out of the platform.

Pest control is a serious business which requires serious customer support. Fortunately, ServSuite by Service Pro comes with a customer support team that is there for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Gorilla Desk Logo GorillaDesk Software

GorillaDesk App Features

Whether you're a thriving big business looking to organize your work processes, or a small company trying to get an edge over your competitors, a good pest control business software can make all the difference. That's where GorillaDesk comes in handy.

With GorillaDesk, you'll be able to keep current customers happy and bring in new business, too thanks to its variety of features.

These include dispatching team members, scheduling jobs, and sending out invoices to your customers. There's also a mobile app for users, but reviews have said it's quite limited compared to the overall platform. Fortunately, if you're having an issue getting everything you need out of the platform, GorillaDesk has a top-rated customer support team that will make sure you're as happy as your customers are.

PestRoutes Logo PestRoutes Software for Pest Control Businesses

PestRoutes Account ProfileIn a business like pest control, the devil is in the details. Customers, employees, and even managers need everything to go smoothly, otherwise the customer and the business lose out. Getting all those details taken care of, however, can take a lot of time, which is why automation is so important in a pest control business software. Fortunately, PestRoutes provides exactly that.

Between automated notifications, billing, invoices, and routes, you'll be able to save time and money. While its customer support options are sparse compared to other softwares run by larger companies, the usability is simple, comprehensive, and just makes sense.

Plus, PestRoutes offers completely paperless options, so you can go green while you're helping your company make some more green.

Verizon logo Verizon Connect Field Service Dispatch for Pest Control Businesses

Verizon Connect Reveal DispatchVerizon Connect Field Service Dispatch is a field service solution that is available as an add-on service to the core Verizon Connect Reveal vehicle tracking solution. With it, managers can track current jobs and assign news ones to their technicians. Each technician can use Dispatch’s mobile app to receive new jobs. They can also upload notes or photos to each job as needed, as well as collect digital customer signatures.

Primary features include scheduling and dispatching, GPS Tracking, analytics reporting, customer profiles andl CRM tools, a live map, and a mobile app for technicians in the field.

Verizon Connect Field Service Dispatch costs $20 per user, per month – making it an affordable solution for any business already using Verizon Connect Reveal – and its full suite of features make it an advanced option for any small to medium pest control business. It’s best for businesses with between five and 50 field technicians.

Smart Service Logo Smart Service for Pest Control Businesses

Smart Service Calendar

The key to a smooth-running pest control business is managing work functions effectively. With Smart Service, you'll be able to manage scheduling, billing, dispatching, customer management, work orders, routing, and pretty much anything else you might need to do on the job. Their mobile-optimized, paperless platform will allow you to keep tabs on your pest control employees while expediting a vast array of work functions.

In addition to all these pest control business software features, Smart Service acts as a direct add-on in QuickBooks, which will make work processes even easier.

The functionality is far from perfect, as many reviewers have pointed out, but their customer service team is online and always ready to listen to your concerns.

Send A Job Logo Send A Job Business Software

Send A Job Reporting

Communication is integral in any business, particularly when it comes to pest control. Fortunately, Send A Job is the pest control business software that provides you with all the means to communication with everyone that's a part of your business.

From clients to team members, you'll be able to monitor, manage, and improve every aspect of your growing business.

Send A Job also let's you automate a wide range work functions, from scheduling to calendar management, and the simplicity of the platform means that pretty much anyone will be able to handle it. Plus, depending on how many users you need, Send A Job is quite affordable compared to the competition.

PestPac Logo PestPac by WorkWave

PestPac Calendar

When it comes to pest control business software, finding one that can do everything is always the goal. PestPac by WorkWave, while a bit more expensive than other softwares, has a fully comprehensive platform filled to the brim with features to help you run your business right. This end-to-end software will make it easier than ever to track technicians, materials, and overall productivity, all while automating basic work functions.

In addition to the basics of any pest control business software, PestPac provides in-depth analytics so you'll be able to optimize every aspect of your business with actionable data. Plus, with 30 years of industry experience, this software is built for pest control professional by pest control professionals.

Jobber Logo Jobber for Pest Control

Jobber Customer Profile

There's no denying that running a pest control business is hard. But with Jobber, you'll be able to quote, schedule, invoice, and, most importantly, get paid on the job, all from a single platform. Users have reports that Jobber saves them nearly seven hours per week with its automation and comprehensive features.

Jobber is easy for managers and employees alike, so everyone is getting all the information they need to do the job right the first time. Additionally, the platform provides users with thorough tracking features that can help you focus on how your technicians are doing out in the field, how your customers feel about the jobs getting done, and what you can do to make everyone happier and more productive.

Get a Pest Control Business Software Quote Today

There are lots of pest control business software providers out there, as well as providers for HVAC and plumbing services. The only real way to know which pest control business software is right for you is to get a quote today. You'll be able to find out exactly how much you'll be paying to simplify your pest control business. Once you've done that, you can make the best decision when it comes to the future of your company.

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