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Verizon Connect Reveal Review – 2019

August 5, 2019

8:10 am

Verizon Connect Reveal logo
  • Established: 2018
  • HQ: USA
  • ELD Compliant
  • Strong customer service
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Wide variety of features
  • Free Demo
  • Formerly Fleetmatics Reveal

Features galore, but still user-friendly.

Verizon Connect's Reveal software was formed as a merger of three different telemetrics platforms —  Verizon Networkfleet, Fleetmatics and Telogis. This gives Verizon a wider range of expertise than most vehicle tracking vendors. Verizon Connect Reveal is a one-stop-shop for any size of fleet looking for an advanced Fleet Management System (FMS), with ELD compliance, Field Service management and Asset Tracking add-ons available.

  • Serves any size fleet: Verizon Reveal covers small, medium, and large
  • Prices are slightly above the average FMS vendor, but fair for the advanced features provided.
  • Service coverage is international, with offices in ten North American cities and presence in EMEA, Asia Pacific, and Latin America.

This review focuses on Verizon Connect's ‘Reveal' fleet management platform, however Verizon also offer high value asset tracking and field service management – scroll down for more info.

Verizon Connect Reveal suits a range of businesses: specialty trades companies; oil, gas and construction; distribution; coach and buses; utilities; and transportation and logistics fleets.

Locality won’t be a concern: As one of the largest fleet management providers in the United States, Verizon Connect has 24 offices around with globe. Ten offices are located in North America, in the cities of Aliso Viejo, Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, San Diego, Scottsdale, Tampa, and Toronto.

No matter what your fleet size, Verizon Connect has you covered. Fleetmatics primarily served smaller to mid-size fleets and Telogis operated in the large enterprise sector. Both are now a part of Verizon Connect.

Verizon Connect’s dedication to simplicity starts with their product but extends to the entire on-boarding experience, thanks to a staff of responsive and communicative agents. Training option include manuals, webinars, and a free in-person demo.

We think Verizon Connect has some of the best features and plans in the industry. But, when it comes to choosing the right Fleet Management solution for your business, it's vital that you make an informed choice. We recommend using our simple fleet management price comparison form as an effective starting point. It only takes a moment to fill out, and can help you to compare quotes, tailored for the size and needs of your business.

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What is Verizon Connect Reveal?

Verizon Connect Reveal is one of the most widely used fleet tracking systems available today. That doesn't mean they've rested on their laurels, however. The past few years have seen major innovations in hardware quality and connectivity speeds, and Verizon Connect’s Fleet Management System has taken full advantage. Fleet managers can use an online desktop/mobile dashboard to both gather data and send messages from a central location. The system includes free installation for tracking units that are hardwired into your engines, and a mobile app that each driver can use to read the latest data.

Fleetmatics Reveal is now Verizon Connect Reveal

Verizon bought the Dublin-based telematics company Fleetmatics way back in August 2016 for $2.4 billion. They've since folded the support teams for Fleetmatics services like Reveal and Work into the Verizon Connect team, and, in March 2018, officially turned Fleetmatics Reveal into Verizon Connect Reveal, creating a single service out of its portfolio of fleet and mobile work management solutions. They've also debuted a new field service solution, Verizon Connect Field Service Dispatch, as of August 1st, 2019.

The rebranded Verizon Connect Reveal comes along with a revamped interface and additional features, which we'll cover in more depth below.

How Does Verizon Reveal Work?

Open Verizon Connect Reveal on desktop and you'll see a menu listing the different features every fleet manager needs. It includes: live map, reporting, a timeline view for replaying recent location history, a list of places and geofences, an alerts overview, service reminders, ELD tracking data, a dashboard that can display stats on fuel use, payroll, and safety.

Each option includes its own nested subcategories, ensuring that every action is only a few clicks away. And, since Verizon Connect Reveal is available on mobile and comes with customizable alerts that can send an email or text when triggered, agents and managers can rest assured that they'll stay in the loop.

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Verizon Connect Reveal Fleet Management Features

Verizon Connect offers an end-to-end solution where some other fleet management providers only focus on one aspect, such as ELD compliance or dispatch software.

Granted, some of those abilities are add-on services, which we'll cover farther on in this review. First, here are the core features fleets can expect from Verizon Connect's flagship Reveal software solution:

Verizon Reveal Live Maps

The Verizon Connect Reveal live map on an iPadThe live map view is, hands down, the most popular feature available on Verizon Connect Reveal: 60% of Verizon users spend all their time in live maps. The map displays all the vehicles in the field, letting managers quickly notice if something isn't right.

Since it's available through Google maps, the live map has a familiar interface that updates with near real-time movement within a 30 second window. The map can estimate each vehicle's speed, giving the viewer even more information about each vehicle's driving habits and estimated time of arrival.

Verizon Reveal Engine Status

Reveal's color-coded engine status functionality can let users tell at a glance what a vehicle is doing: Green is active, red is stopped, and amber is idling.

One impact is that managers can tell when drivers are starting late or leaving early. Better yet, they'll know when a vehicle is idling, allowing them to save on the fuel costs needed to power AC or heat and the radio.

Verizon Reveal Reports

Verizon Connect Reveal fuel card reportWith all the retrospective data on a fleet's movements stretching back months or years, a company can perform a cost analysis in order to invest in the areas that show the greatest potential. They may check each vehicle's miles-per-gallon stats against the fuel used to ensure there's no discrepancy.

They can also examine each drivers' history and driving habits. Who regularly travels the farthest? Who has the most harsh driving instances? While any single incident doesn't say much, the cumulative data crunched by Verizon Connect Reveal's reporting ability exposes the hidden trends.

Verizon Reveal Replay

The “replay” feature displays a recent log of where the vehicle has been. It can help anyone who's investigating issues or incidents, or it can simply be checked against historic traffic data to see if drivers are using an optimal route.

It will be the first feature an agent will turn to when handling a complaint, should anyone respond to the “How's my driving?” phone number on the back of a truck.

Verizon Reveal Geofencing

Like many FMSs, Verizon Connect Reveal allows its users to create a “geofence,” allowing them to better monitor vehicles within a specific geographic location. One common benefit: Mangers can be alerted if drivers enter a geofenced zone they've been told to avoid, such as a congested area of a major city.

The service also offers a perk unique to Verizon Connect's software- a “suggested geofencing” feature that can automatically flag areas commonly visited by your company's fleet, helping them figure out which areas are worth focusing on.

Verizon Reveal Dashboard Customization

Verizon Connect Reveal dashboard with statsReveal users can pick what view will be set as the default for their account, such as the live map, the geofences screen, or the alerts overview. As well as this, from within the dashboard, different automatically updated charts can be prioritized in a specific way for each user, ensuring that the stats that matter to that individual are seen first- from the fuel wasted in across the previous seven days, to the payroll expense model for the past pay period, to the hours of vehicle activity over the previous week, presented by vehicle and broken down into travel and stop durations.

Charts themselves can be easily moved or modified to meet each user's standards.

Verizon Reveal Servicing

The fleet servicing category allows Verizon Connect Reveal users to predict upcoming maintenance needs. Alerts can be triggered when certain vehicles are due for a service, and when they legally cannot continue without one. The prediction process makes sure that a company is never caught off guard with a fleet unable to drive.

Free Fleet Tracking Hardware

Verizon Connect Reveal GPS tracking unit

Whether you need to track cars, cranes or heavy-haulers, Verizon Connect's fleet management system includes all the devices you'll need for free, and they are hardwired into each engine.

Verizon Connect ELD Tracking

Compliance with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s ELD mandate is a new concern for many fleet operators. As of December 2017, all commercial drivers in U.S. must track their hours of service through electronic logging devices. If fleet operators need to comply, but aren’t looking for an advanced FMS, Verizon Connect’s FMS covers multiple forms of compliance:

  • ELD compliance — Verizon Connect’s Logbook software add-on is FMCSA-registered.
  • Driver-Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR) compliance — Drivers can fill out their reports quickly and easily.
  • International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) compliance — GPS trackers can simplify the process of tracking your fleet’s IFTA miles.

Confidence Is a Connected World: Verizon Connect

Get a glimpse of Reveal in action, on desktop, tablet and mobile, in this promotional video from Verizon Connect. While the video doesn't tell you much about the platform itself, it does demonstrate the wide range of vehicles and customers suitable for Verizon Connect's services.
Visiting Verizon Connect's YouTube Channel will enable you to watch customer testimonials from the acquired Telogis fleet tracking company.

Verizon Connect Reveal Add Ons

The ‘connect' in Verizon Connect isn't extraneous: The company's goal is to offer a completely interconnected operating portfolio of management software to keep your business humming along at maximum efficiency and profit. Part of that goal: Giving you the add-ons that some operations need to expand beyond just fleet management and into field service or asset tracking. Here's what those extra add-ons look like.

Ready to compare prices? Get tailored fleet management price quotes from Verizon Connect and more, today.

Verizon Connect ELD Logbook

The Logbook add-on is a combination of hardware and software: The engine connectivity hardware unit will be installed into each vehicle, and the software stores all the needed ELD compliance reporting and manages alerts. It's an FMCSA-registered ELD solution.

With Logbook, a company isn't just staying within the letter of the law: It's also streamlining driver efficency by letting the drivers easily keep track of their hours and plan ahead when they might otherwise risk a violation, and letting administrators easily see who has the free time to receive another assignment.

Verizon Connect Dispatch Software for Field Service Management

Verizon Connect Reveal Dispatch schedulingVerizon also offers a field service system called Verizon Connect Field Service Dispatch that’s designed for small to midsize service operations with field technicians, like HVAC software businesses, plumbers, and electricians. Basically, if you have a fleet of vans, this software offers everything you’ll need to schedule and assign jobs to those driving them. It will ensure there are no blind spots hiding inefficiencies in your day to day business.

Verizon Connect Field Service Dispatch is only available as an add-on to the Verizon Connect Reveal vehicle tracking service, and it costs an additional $20 per technician per month. Verizon Connect Field Service Dispatch includes:

  • Scheduling and dispatch — Quickly send new assignments to your drivers, anywhere, anytime.
  • A centralized, online dashboard — Visualize your operation in real time, with a calendar view as well as a live map.
  • CRM tools — Verizon Connect Field Service Dispatch can automatically create user profiles for each customer, pulling them up when it recognizes an incoming call and helping managers keep track of each customer’s needs and client history. 
  • Quickbooks integration — Verizon Connect Field Service Dispatch offers third-party integrations with Quickbooks and other purpose-built invoicing services, rather than trying to do it themselves.
  • Mobile app — Technicians can use the dispatch app in order to accept jobs and upload any needed notes, photos, or digital customer signatures. The manager will then be able to see these updates in real time through their main dashboard.

Interested in Field Service Management as well as Fleet Management software? Get field service software price quotes.

Verizon Connect Asset Tracking

asset tracked by verizon connectFleet managers with fixed or movable high-value assets will want to know where they are at all times, even when they aren't part of a fleet. From excavators to shipping containers to sheds, Verizon Connect's asset tracking solutions can give managers peace of mind that their assets are secure. In addition to simply locating these assets in real-time on desktop or mobile, Verizon Connect can improve a company's response times and efficiency, while deterring asset theft.

Interested in tracking high value assets as well as your fleet of vehicles? Get asset tracking price quotes here.

Verizon Connect Set Up and Customer Support

Verizon Connect’s onboarding process is one of the easiest to expect from an FMS company. They offer fleet managers their hardware units for free, and will also send agents to install the devices at no extra charge.

Their customer support team operates at scale: Verizon Connect fielded over 122,000 customer distress calls just in 2017. Verizon Connect appears to value this aspect of their business, as they expanded their customer success organization by over 65 percent in 2017.

You can visit Verizon Connect's support page to find the most appropriate support phone line to call for your specific software issue.

Support & Training

Support options

  • Phone
  • Live Online Support
  • Online Chatbot
  • Training Manuals
  • Webinars
  • M-F; 7am–8pm EST

Training options

  • On-site Demo
  • Documentation
  • Webinars
  • Live Online

Verizon Connect Reveal Plans and Pricing

The cost of an FMS tends to vary depending on the size of your fleet and the length of your contract. Expect the core Verizon Reveal fleet management software pricing to fall within the typical range for an advanced FMS, though you can get a more accurate quote within minutes through a phone call or by using our comparison form.

The decision to buy or lease your fleet’s hardware units is moot with Verizon Connect, which gives them free along with a free installation.

Overall, Verizon Connect's offerings are worth paying for due to the value they add rather than the cost savings itself. Try using the service's free demo to examine which features or add-ons will be most useful to your specific needs.

Expect one additional charge, however: Verizon Connect does not provide the tablets or smartphones that drivers will need on hand in order to present their HOS data during a roadside inspection. Operators will need to cover the costs for these handheld devices themselves.

The Verdict: Verizon Connect Reveal

Fleet operators in need of a comprehensive FMS that gathers all tasks and data on the same platform will be well served with Verizon Connect, which is strong in safety, compliance, and efficiency. The service covers any fleet size, offering service around the globe. 

In this review, we've covered Verizon Connect Reveal's core features: A live map, engine status indicators, reporting and analytics, a replay feature, geofencing abilities, customizable charts, and fleet service and ELD tracking functions. We have also detailed the top benefits to using the software: Greater fuel efficency, boosted productivity, and fewer expenses, as well as better safety measures and ensured compliance with the law.

On top of all this, add-ons include feature-packed field service management and asset tracking services, as well as the afore-mentioned ELD Logbook. Phone and live online support options are included.

Operators in need of a more basic system may not find this FMS to be cost-effective, but all others should satisfied. The company’s emphasis on customer service is an additional value-add.

Compare all the best fleet management systems — not just Verizon Connect — in minutes through Tech.Co’s quick and easy fleet management costs comparison form. It can help you to compare tailored quotes for the needs and scale of your business.


  • Great for fuel savings and efficency
  • Easy to use interface
  • Broad feature set, bolstered by add-on services


  • Not the cheapest

Verizon Connect Reveal logo

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