10 Great Apps You Should Have On Your iPhone or Android

July 20, 2014

6:00 pm

Every single day, a new app hits the market. Promising some new fun, convenience, or benefit that all of the other apps on the market cannot deliver the same way this ‘new' app can. Luckily for people who like having the best of the best when it comes to apps on their iPhone or Android device, there are some promising apps that really do deliver something no one else can offer. Check out some of these new apps and see if you can find a benefit if you had them on your phone.

  • Wickr: One of the newer apps on the market right now is called Wickr. This app creates an encrypted way to send all of your favorite messages, no matter if they are picture messages, video messages, or standard text messages. The benefit this app offers, that no other app offers on top of the encryption, is allowing the sender to set a personalized timer, making the message that was sent automatically destruct after however long you set it for, keeping it permanently safe from prying eyes.
  • Cycloramic: Any iPhone user that loves to take fun, unique, or unusual pictures will love Cycloramic. This app uses the built-in vibration effects of the phone to turn the phone around in a full circle, taking a picture that encompasses a full 360 degrees. Imagine the pictures you could have hanging on your walls!
  • Viber: If you like being able to make free phone calls to people within a network of friends, plus send all sorts of different types of messages from your Android device or iPhone for free, then you may want to consider adding Viber to your phone. You can contact anyone within the network, send them important messages, videos, or sticker messages, and all for zero cost to you! This way, no matter what your carrier charges you, it still ends up being an endless supply of options for your communication needs.
  • Cal Google Calendar: For all of you hard-working types, this app, along with its newest update HeadsUp, will be able to keep you organized and then some. When scheduling a meeting, the app compiles all of the necessary information that you will need to keep on time and ready for the meeting to start. It can tell you where to go, schedule a pick up from a car service for you if needed, and even remind you what to bring. How easy is that?
  • UberConference: What if your business meetings require you to have some face-to-face time with your clientele? Sometimes, especially if your clients are on another part of the planet, this can be difficult. Make it easier by adding the mobile app from UberConference to your phone that offers free conference calling in a hassle free manner. You can see who you are speaking with, no matter how large the conference call is, and you can still organize how the meeting goes from beginning to end, all from the convenience of your phone.
  • Paper: If your favorite pastime is reading the newspaper, but you also want to remain connected to your social media campaign, then Facebook has the app for your iPhone. They developed Paper as a way to bring the benefits of a newspaper to those who want to remain consistently ‘in the know'. You can keep up with important, newsworthy events and always know the essential parts about what's going on each day.
  • Dark Sky: Maybe instead of reading the paper, you prefer knowing what the weather will be like. Well, if that's the case, give Dark Sky a try. It helps you plan for the weather ahead, and gives you insight as to how you should plan out commutes, vacations, or any other type of travel plans you have.
  • Pandora Radio: If you happen to be a music buff, then Pandora Radio is probably the ideal app for your iPhone. It lets you enjoy all types of music from around the world, all at no cost. Stream music for hours on end, and change up what you are listening to as often as you like.
  • Reporter: For those wanting to learn more about themselves from an outsiders perspective, Reporter (created for the iPhone), may be the perfect solution. It compiles simple surveys that ask you about your day, and gives you a unique perspective on how productive you are during different parts of the day. The questions range from simple questions about where you are at the time to more complicated questions, giving the app insight as to your level of focus during the day.
  • Telegram Messenger: If you prefer sending anonymous, yet safe, messages, you may want to look into Telegram Messenger. It allows people to send a message to other users, without the recipient knowing where the message came from. This is a fun, free app that can be used on both Android and iPhone model phones.

The multitude of apps can bring the fun back to your phone. Look at how each one works, and download the ones you think you would use most. Enjoy the options, and if you find something you think all of your friends would enjoy, let them know about it!


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