10 Tips for Part-Time Bloggers

January 15, 2016

9:00 pm

Blogging is considered a passion nowadays. You may have already earned a lot of money or are trying really hard to raise a healthy income from your blogging activities, but you can rest assured that if your efforts are true and genuine, then you will definitely succeed as a regular blogger. We will discuss the job prospects of being a part time blogger. Blogging is a secondary job for people who are part-time bloggers. People such as students, teachers and housewives, who have free time before the day starts or at the end of the day, usually go for part time blogging. If you are a part-time blogger, then dedicating that much time for your blog is more than enough.

If you have a busy life, managing a blog regularly becomes quite difficult. Because at the end of the day, you can’t keep your head cool if the situation goes south. There are certain methods that bloggers can follow if they want to do the work part time. Today I will reveal certain secrets that will help you become a successful part-time blog owner. Following these tips will take you to new heights of success. Read on to find out more.

Blogging Early in the Morning

Before you leave for the day’s work or have to go to the kitchen to make breakfast, you will always have some free time. In such a case, being a part time blogger can be quite successful if you are an early riser. Get up early and open your laptop to login to your blog. This is the best time for your blogging activities because your mind will stay fresh when you wake up.

After-Work Blogging

When you come back from work, you can freshen up, and login to your blog to check the activities from other bloggers and post something interesting regarding the topic you have been writing on. You can get at least a few hours of blogging time before you have to leave your laptop and sit down for dinner.

After-Dinner Blogging

After you are done with your dinner, you still have some time before you have to go to bed. Utilize this time to login again and continue with your blogging activity. This is the perfect time for talking to other bloggers and getting tips on how you can monetize your blog and make the content even more enhanced so that you can gain a lot of popularity. Many bloggers come online at night to provide their expert guidance, so it is the ideal blogging hour. Many computer users come online on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, so you can share your blog link with these users to increase your traffic.

Marketing Your Content

Marketing your blog content is the most important step in your blogging efforts, even part time blogging. Without proper marketing and exposure, you won’t be able to move your work forward because the popularity level of your blog will be at the lowest level. Expose your content in front of all your readers in a way that they are mesmerized, and in turn refer your content and your blog to other readers as well.

Search for Competition & Try to Beat Them

You need to find out what your competitor bloggers are doing so that you can get around their strategy and make your blog even better. For this purpose, you can open sites like Open Site Explorer by Moz, where you can enter the link to your competitor’s blog and find out what he or she is doing. You can also check the type of backlinking he or she has used for the purpose of search engine optimization.

Blog Even on a Holiday

Sundays and public holidays are perfect if you are a part time blogger. It’s the one day when you can become a full-time professional blogger. You can stay online the whole day and post content in your blog. The basic idea is to beat your competitors, who are professional bloggers and take the day off on Sundays and public holidays.

Choose a Proper Topic

A blog’s topic should be something to which people can relate with. If the topic is about technology applications, and your readers are 18-year-olds who are all about rock and roll music, then you are simply wasting your time. Choose the topic as per your audience. This step will increase your popularity among the people who love rock music, and will definitely follow your activities on a regular basis.

For example Knowledge Cage is the perfect example of “How To” articles. They have crafted the content on the website in such a way that they start every article on the blog with “How To” which make them quite unique in the industry and valuable from the user point of view.

Keep Your Eyes Open

Writing a blog about everything that happens to you is most common among part-time bloggers. For this very reason, if you are a blogger working in this genre, then you always need to keep your eyes and ears open. It is not possible for you to remember each and every detail of every incident. In such a case, the best solution is to carry a pen and a notepad to take notes.

SEO-Friendly Blog

Maintaining a standard SEO strategy can do wonders for your blog. If you fulfil the simple task of making your blog SERP optimized, you can quite easily monetize your blog. Having a good SEO ranking on Google will be a great thing for your blog. Whenever a user searches on Google for a keyword or topic pertaining to your blog, a high rank will let the user find your blog quite easily.

Whenever You Write, Do So with Dedication

Due to having a busy life, you will never get the chance to post in your daily blog on a daily basis. These may create a problem if along with the lack of regular content, the quality of the content is also poor. So you need to ensure that whenever you write and post in your blog, the content is of the best quality, and accordingly, should attract a wide readership.


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