11 Reasons Why Everyone Loves Inbound Marketing And You Should Too

August 24, 2016

2:00 pm

In the past few years, inbound marketing has become extremely popular among entrepreneurs from all over the world as this marketing technique showers a number of benefits on businesses. Despite the growing awareness of inbound marketing, many marketers overlook this technique and ignore implementing it in their marketing campaign. Get acquainted to inbound marketing and its benefits:

1: Garner Strangers’ Attention

It is the process of garnering the attention of strangers towards your business. Hubspot reveals that the concept of inbound marketing is entirely contrary to outbound marketing, which involves interrupting strangers and forcing your business into their lives.

2: Making Customers Responsive

Inbound marketing involves automation and content marketing, and is designed for making patrons more responsive to your messages. In addition, inbound marketing is the best way to make your target audience become familiar with your services and products.

3: Proper Planning and Preparation

There are lots of advantages that come packed with automation including setting up workflows, scheduling blog content, social messaging and email campaign that appear engaging to your customers. Moreover, you can also carry out a lot of planning and preparation in terms of engaging customers and getting their appreciation.

4: Structuring Your Content

Inbound marketing can structure your content and even enable you to refine the process of turning visitors into leads and them nurturing them into customers. This strategy will definitely increase the chances of acquiring more leads as the content you are offering is best suited for the potential buyers.

5: No Interruption and No Intrusion

Inbound marketing is targeted towards people who actually need it instead of intruding and interrupting everyone. It is the best way of making leads and engaging people who are already aware of your business, recognize your logo design and follow your social media pages.

6: Cost Effective reveals that inbound marketing is 61 percent more cost effective than outbound marketing. It requires investing brain power rather than money, which is entirely opposite to outbound marketing that requires entrepreneurs to spend a lot of cash on radio advertising, billboards, etc.

7: Higher SEO Ranking

When you create more blog posts, you can be sure of getting more indexed pages. This helps you in attaining increased SEO rankings. Creating blog posts and sharing them on your (as well as other’s) social media pages plays a vital role in increasing your search engine ranking.

8: Increased Visibility

By accurately tagging your content and adding image tags, you can easily enhance the visibility of your various blog pages. So, the number of people visiting your site is automatically increased.

9: Attract Internet Users With Free Stuff reveals that 82% consumers feel positive about a company after reading custom content and 90% of consumers find custom content useful. As you are offering free resources and contents to the leads, they will definitely provide their specific details in return. In most cases, they will offer business related information like job title, industry, name, company name, email address, etc. This helps you to get an idea about your potential buyers and design marketing strategy suitable for them.

10: Get Customers In Return

Corporate communications and content marketing experts, Kevin Cain suggests that content marketing must be centered on personalized content with a specific need, at a specific point in a buyer’s journey. Building a content strategy suitable for your target audience is extremely important as they will appreciate you by becoming a customer for the extra steps that you take for them. This can be achieved with the help of inbound marketing.

11: Long Term Result

Though inbound marketing requires a lot of patience and strategies to begin with, you can enjoy long term results for your business. As it lets businesses build a huge customer base, you can make higher return on investment for a longer time. Many companies are offering efficient inbound marketing services that you can take advantage of.

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