Stay Informed with These Data-Driven Election 2016 Apps

As elections modernize over time, we see candidates embracing technology to reach voters, further their agendas, and broaden their fundraising reach.  We also see news organizations and startups trying to make information more accessible, including polling data, latest news, voter registration, and electoral maps.

Here are just a few of the election apps to keep you plugged in during the election season, from local, state, to national races. These are data-driven and informational – only apps that contend to maintain neutrality have been selected for this list.  Of course, you should always research each app yourself to ensure its neutrality.

Here are the four data-driven election 2016 apps you need to stay informed in all things politics this season

PollTracker (iOS)

Category: Polling Data

This app provides the latest polling data for national, state, and local elections.  It has a pretty decent user interface, but sometimes can be a bit buggy.  You can see detailed information about each candidate and compare polling trends over time.

source PollTracker screenshot 2016 election apps

FrontRunner (iOS)

Category: Polling Data

This iOS app aggregates polling data from around the nation and updates it frequently.  It is geared towards those who wants to see up-to-the-minute polling trends on demand.  This is helpful if you want to see regional versus national data.


2016 Election Map (iOS)

Category: Electoral Map

This app focuses on the electoral college distribution.  It shows maps over time and allows you to see the current 2016 election electoral breakdown.  You can see granular data if you click into each state, including actual voting numbers and polling data.

2016 election app

Voter (iOS)

Category: Voter matchmaking

This app is like ‘Tinder for voting’.  You swipe through a series of questions and it attempts to match you with the best candidate.  This app is useful if you are on-the-go and want to see which candidates suit your interests, but it should not substitute for your own research.

Voter app swipe

These apps are just a few of the many election apps out there.  These focus on the data-driven ones, so it excludes the news aggregators.  If you’re looking for more local apps (like for your city), some cities do provide apps that will help you find a polling place, register to vote, and read about local election issues.  A simple google search should let you see if any are available in your area.


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