Lead Product Designer at LaunchDarkly | Heavybit Ind | 500 Startups

Justin has over 10 years of experience at the intersection of design and development, particularly in the startup world (from early stage to series A). He is a tennis playing design aficionado who loves creating intuitive mobile and web products. He holds degrees from UC Davis and USC, with a UX certification from NYU. In his spare time, Justin is completing his M.S. in Application Design at Northwestern, harnessing his studies to solve LaunchDarkly's data design challenges. Aside from design, Justin enjoys computer games, collecting rare rocks/minerals, and volunteering.


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When hiring for both non-technical and technical positions, companies are searching for all-star talent who take initiative, work as a team, and provides exceptional value to the organization.  However, when you're applying to a job, your resumé just becomes a piece of paper: ...


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Ecosystem: The Main Reason New Apps Fail

When developing a mobile app, it's easy to get tunneled into a particular use case. Having the perfect app idea is one thing, but being able to execute it and is quite another. However, too many product teams get tunneled into the thinking that their...