Hometalk Offers Social Network for DIYers

February 22, 2016

11:00 am

These days a lot of people are tapping into their crafty sides–either to save money, be less wasteful, or simply as a hobby. Thanks to sites like Etsy and the DIY network, people are repurposing wooden pallets like its their jobs (for some people it is, actually, their jobs).

The fact that DIY is trendy right now could be one of the reasons that Hometalk is so successful. They got into this niche at just the right time and recently announced their 100,000th user generated tutorial on their site.

Hometalk is the world's largest DIY community and serves as the global knowledge hub and facilitator for DIY home & garden enhancement projects. Their platform gives homeowners, bloggers and professionals a channel to share DIY projects, ask questions, inspire and become inspired. They currently have 1.9 million registered members and 6 million visitors each month.

“Our goal is to continuously add value to members of the home & garden DIY community. We absolutely could not do that without the support of our incredible, altruistic Hometalkers,” said Miriam Illions, Co-founder and CMO of Hometalk in a statement. “We are astounded by how much our members give to each other. Not only do we receive hundreds of tutorials for new home and garden projects every week, but our members are constantly engaging with one another to help each other complete their own projects.”

Hometalk has basically built a social network for DIYers. Unlike instructional videos on YouTube, or the one-way communication on many how-to sites. It's a community where members can ask questions about projects and get responses within minutes.

“The level of engagement between users on our site surrounding valuable content elevates Hometalk from any social network, to a social network with a purpose,” said Illions. “The content posted and conversations around this content bring real, tangible assistance to people working to enrich their homes through DIY projects.”

Hometalkers have appeared in national and regional media such as NBC, The Today Show, Fox and Friends, House Beautiful and others. DIY Topics on the site include home makeovers, repairs, cleaning, storage, decorating, crafts, and gardening.

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