How the “30/30” Rule Will Help You Achieve Your Work Goals

July 25, 2016

1:15 pm

Staying on top of your long-term and short-term career goals can be a challenge. After all, there are so many variables that come with moving forward in your career. Whether it be transitioning to different roles or establishing new relationships, you can master your long-term goals as long as you make an effort. These all make a difference when establishing your own career success.

But when you’re just starting out in your career, it can be hard to keep your eyes on a goal that is 5, 10, or even 15 years down the road. However, there is a method that could be useful to helping you keep momentum with your long-term career goals while also accomplishing your daily tasks.

The 30/30 Rule, created by Jodi Womack and Jason W. Womack, is a system to keep productivity high for both short-term and long-term goals. The idea focuses on devoting “30 minutes a day to focusing on something that is 30 days away or more.” For example, you spend a little time each day keeping track of a big work project coming down the road in a month rather than avoiding it and letting it sneak up on you.

In a piece on LearnVest on the development and effectiveness of the 30/30 Rule, Jodi Womack says the following on how the 30/30 rule can help with those looking for direction for long-term goal accomplishing:

Also, the 30/30 Rule can help you with larger career questions like, ‘Do I want to be in the same job a year from now or do I want to start doing everything I can to get that promotion?’ If so, you would take that one-year goal and break it into 12 monthly goals. When it’s time to check your progress on the next monthly goal, see if you can schedule two to four of those 30/30 Rule blocks each month to work on that.

Though Womack speaks specifically on applying the 30/30 rule to finances, it can be adapted to a variety of career aspects. And while many may be familiar with productivity methods, the 30/30 rule sets itself apart by it encouraging the merger of both the need to see instant gratification from short-term goal setting while also making conscious strides with long-term goals.

The 30/30 rule could help make a difference in your own goal-setting. Give it a try today because the only thing that guarantees you won’t accomplish your goals is not trying every possible means of doing so.

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