4 Cool Plugins to Make Images Attractive in WordPress

September 8, 2015

6:00 pm

Remember the time when websites were built from scratch, using HTML and Java? Although an important phase in the world of web designing, building the website from scratch was certainly the work of on expert with detailed knowledge in coding. However, with the explosion of internet users in the early 2000s, we also saw the rise of content management systems (CMS) such as WordPress and Drupal, which provided easy website building and operation through templates. Since its launch in 2003, WordPress has become the prime choice for website builders due to its simplistic interface and seamless integration with several open source plugins that add extra functionality to your website. Listed below are some really cool image plugins that you can use on WordPress site.

1. WordPress Visual Slide Box Builder

Wordpress Visual Slide Box Builder

We all know how dull a static website looks, even though it has useful content. The WordPress Visual Slide Box Builder plugin is one of the best plugins for your website. It comes with more than 20 different animations that can be used in a slide box anywhere on your webpage. This also allows you to add images, text and color to your page. The plugin allows you to add an unlimited number of slides on your webpage directly through the user interface. No coding skills needed for this one, everything can be done using its powerful user interface and live preview. It also has premium features like responsive slide boxes which can be purchased from their website.

2. WP Image Borders


Are you tired of the same old plain images on your website? With the amazing WP Image Borders plugin, you can automatically add borders to the images on your website. The plugin comes preloaded with 8 border styles that will give a defining edge to the photos on your website. You can also change the border size and width along with the color and add several effects such as shadows etc. To add the borders, one simply needs to click the ‘Add Borders to All Images’ checkbox and the changes will be applied simultaneously on the whole website.

3. Lightbox Plus ColorBox


An exceptionally handy tool for your website, the Lightbox Plus ColorBox plugin allows the users to view the images with ease. It is a marvelous image overlay tool that makes larger images viewable without the need to leave the page. In a manner similar to facebook, the image is simply overlaid on the webpage and the background is darkened to highlight the viewed image. You can also customize it to show a complete gallery that can be viewed without ever leaving the page.

4. Envira Gallery Lite


One of the best ways to manage your photo gallery, Envira Gallery Lite plugin helps the users to import and upload the photos from anywhere on the internet. It can also add a Lightbox functionality to the images, which makes your website appear more slick and professional. It also optimizes your website and improves the image loading time drastically. It also comes with several premium features which can be purchased at their website to enhance the images or add a uniform tone to all the images on your WordPress website.

While all of the above functionalities can also be achieved through manual coding, these extremely useful plugins can make your website cool and attractive without typing a single line of code. The use of these plugins makes website building extremely easy and user-friendly.

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