4 Great Software Options for Running an Online Business

October 5, 2015

10:00 am

Today's business environment is more competitive than ever. Having the right software, however, can significantly improve your chances of success. If you run an online business, consider using these four pieces of software.

Topica for Email Marketing

Social media marketing gets a lot of attention these days, but that doesn't mean your online business should avoid email marketing campaigns. In fact, recent research shows that email marketing is one of the most effective ways to build brand awareness and attract new customers.

There are plenty of software options for managing email marketing campaigns. Topica, however, stands out as one of the best choices. The software offers:

  • Real-time tracking so you know who opens emails and clicks your links
  • Auto-responders that welcome new subscribers
  • Deliverability reports so you can make your emails more visible to recipients
  • Web forms that make it easier for subscribers to sign up

Topica also comes with marketing support. If you need a little help creating an effective campaign, the marketing experts at Topica can lend you a hand.

The price of Topica varies depending on how many emails you need to send per month. As your online business grows, you can change your subscription to match your changing needs.

Recruiterbox for Tracking Job Applicants

Your business needs the right employees before it can find success. Unfortunately, it can take a lot of time to conduct a proper search that helps you find top talent. Recruiterbox makes the process more efficient by automating some tasks and helping you track applicants.

With Recruiterbox software,  you can easily:

  • Parse résumés to extract the most relevant information
  • Search résumés to find applicants with the right skills
  • Create questionnaires that will help you find the right job candidates
  • Share candidate information with other people within your business

Once you collect applications that meet your business's needs, you can use the software to schedule interviews and collect interview feedback to share with colleagues.

Finding great employees doesn't have to take a lot of time. When you have the right software, you can focus on the tasks that really matter to help you decide which candidates are right for you and your growing business.

Sage One for Accounting and Invoicing

Your online business has to keep careful records of money collected from customers and clients. There are a lot of software solutions that claim to make this easy, but not all of them are specifically designed for the unique challenges that online businesses face.

Sage One makes online accounting and invoicing simple with a range of features. With Sage One, you can:

  • Create quotes and estimates that are easy to read
  • Make electronic invoices that will get you paid faster
  • Import and organize information from your bank and credit card accounts
  • Remove unnecessary steps to make accounting easier

The software will even let you create detailed reports so you can see how your business is growing and where you need to improve.

There are a lot of accounting programs that make big promises. Not many, however, are intentionally designed for online environments. If you do a lot of business online, then you need software that understands your unique challenges.

Basecamp for Project Management

Managing a project is difficult enough when you and your colleagues work in the same office. When you have an online business, project management can become even harder. It's not like you can just poke your head into someone's cubicle for an update.

Basecamp provides solutions to these problems. Some of the features that make Basecamp effective include its ability to:

  • Report progress to colleagues and clients
  • Divide project tasks among employees
  • Track progress to make sure workers meet their deadlines
  • Coordinate the work of multiple departments

There are always challenges to managing large projects. Basecamp simplifies scheduling and communication to eliminate as many of those challenges as possible.

Software developers don't always cater to companies that do a lot of business online. If you use these four software options, though, you should get the tools you need for growth and success.

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