4 Travel Tech Innovators to Tap Into

October 23, 2015

10:00 pm

Let’s face it: Planning an international excursion isn’t always smooth sailing. Or at least not as smooth as you want the waters to be in Fiji or Belize or whatever location you have your heart set on. And figuring out your destination isn’t even half of the battle.

The next logical step is to determine how to get there, but with nearly 200 airlines around the world, that can be as hard as picking a favorite child. Beyond that, there are seemingly a million other details to sort out: Lodging, dining, entertainment, transportation upon arrival.

It can all seem like more work than vacation, leaving your head swimming. But if you’d rather focus on yourself swimming in the lush ocean or taking in all there is to see at your chosen destination, there are a number travel apps out there that are revolutionizing travel by simplifying planning.

Next time you travel, check out these four apps to take your trips to the next level:

  1. Hopper. Buying a plane ticket can be a pain, with prices varying by hundreds of dollars depending on the time or day you travel, airline and number of stops. Enter Hopper, which uses data-driven research to let consumers know “when to fly and buy.” The company, which has headquarters in Boston and Montreal, not only lets travelers know the cheapest routes, times and airlines to take, but will notify app users when flights will be at their cheapest. App users have been known to gasp gleefully when they see just how much they’re saving — savings that surely will go toward their travel budget for an even better trip.
  2. Ticketbis. One of the best parts of travel is seeing famous sites that you’ve previous only seen in photographs or video. But once you’ve seen it all, chances are you’re left wondering what else there is to do. Ticketbis helps travelers find out what’s really going on in cities around the world beyond the typical tourist attractions. The peer-to-peer secondary ticket market and even search engine lets consumers around the world find and buy tickets in their own language and currency. Care to catch a sumo match in Tokyo? Take in an opera in Russia? See some Premiere League action in England? Ticketbis has you covered.
  3. Holidify. It’s easy to get into the habit of going to the same places every time you travel. Many travelers start to think, “Well, I’ve had a good time there before, so I might as well go back again.” The world is so vast and limitless that it can be intimidating to broaden your horizons, but Holidify aims to push travelers out of their comfort zones. The site lets users filter their potential travel destinations by a number of factors, including the climate and terrain; best time to visit; who you’re traveling with; and activities available. The service is only available for travel to India right now, but with such a customizable service, there’s no telling where it’ll go in the future.
  4. Seeusoon. As people get older, it’s natural for people to start spreading around the country and even world, making it harder to plan group travel. But with Seeusoon, which was started with long-distance relationships in mind, people can now plan destination travel with ease. Travelers simply enter the number of travelers and each person’s departure city, and Seeusoon presents the cheapest destinations based on flight costs and Airbnb prices. That way, if your group of four is torn on whether to go to Peru or Argentina, you can easily compare the cost of each and make an educated decision.

Planning your next trip will always come with a mixed bag of emotions – excitement about experiencing something new but anxiety about whether you’re doing it right – but these apps can give you peace of mind and hopefully a fatter wallet to enjoy yourself more while you’re away.


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