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4 Must-Use Property Sales Software

August 15, 2016

9:00 am

Like many other business fields, property management is made much easier by the use of software tools.

The real estate market can be very dynamic, with prices rising and falling as demand wavers. Smart sellers (and buyers) use advanced digital tools to fetch the best prices regardless of the state of the market, but also to streamline the sales procedure, increase lead conversion rates and simplify the administration. In a field that depends on good foresight and high-impact decisions, even the slightest edge can be very valuable and translate into huge profits.

If you’ve been wondering which are the best software solutions to use as your primary property management tools, this article will present you with several worthy candidates – it’s up to you to pick the one best optimized to your needs:

AppFolio Property Manager

One of the best known property management solutions around, this is a safe choice that you can’t go wrong with. AppFolio Property Manager is web-based, which allows users to effortlessly advertise their house or apartment at a large number of various websites. The program also has accounting features, as well as its own payment platform that can be used to execute the sale or collect monthly rent. Overall, this is a true one-stop solution that’s very simple to learn and serves individual clients just as well as professional real estate dealers.


A very popular option due to its user-friendly interface and excellent price, BoomTown is custom-made for property brokers small or large. In essence, the system automatically tracks all prospective buyers and sends them notifications about new offers, leaving the sales force with additional time on their hands. Advanced website analytics features can be used to monitor behavior of buyers or to evaluate the effectiveness of the sales team. The solution can be accessed from a mobile phone, which is a bonus.


This website provides a comprehensive service related to property sales, covering all phases from from price valuation to the final contract. It is designed to speed up the process as much as possible, making it very suitable for customers who are in a hurry to cash in. The only limitation of SellHouseFast is that it is focused exclusively on the UK real estate market, but what it may lack in scope it makes up in depth. The service is free to use, while it delivers considerable value for customers looking to sell a home.


This is full-blown customer relationship management (CRM) software, customized specifically for the real estate business. It features several semi-independent modules, including Marketing Automation, Sales Automation and Social CRM, among others. Propertybase can perform practically any operation essential for a property transaction, from calculating the fees and provisions to following up on timelines and key dates. The solution is scalable – small businesses can benefit from it just as much as large broker houses.

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