4 Ways to Use Video Tech in the Recruitment Process

March 29, 2015

10:00 am

Video interviewing is a recurring trend in the recruiting and staffing industries. In fact, more than 6 in 10 (63 percent) companies are currently utilizing video interviews in their hiring process. But, despite popular belief, video technology can be used in more ways than one, when it comes to recruiting.

From candidate screening to candidate engagement, video technology is fast becoming a major part of the recruiting process. How much can video technology impact your efforts to find and place top talent? See for yourself:

Video as a Screening Tool

Screening job candidates is a seemingly endless, but necessary, part of the recruiting process. Recruiters spend countless hours mulling over identical resumes and screening potential candidates over the phone — but they don’t have to. Research by Aberdeen Group found that recruiters can screen 10 candidates in the time it takes to perform a single phone screen, with the incorporation of one-way video interviews.

One-way video interviews, unlike phone screens, don’t require you to take time out of your already busy day to personally speak with candidates (that part comes later). Simply create a list of questions you’d like candidates to answer, and leave the rest to them. The best part about it? You’re able to view one-way video interviews anywhere, at any time, at your convenience.

Video as an Alternative Interviewing Tool

Video interviews aren’t designed to replace the in-person interview, but sometimes an in-person interview just isn’t feasible. International candidates, for instance, are probably less keen on traveling long distances (and paying a hefty sum) to interview for a job they’re not guaranteed. With video interview technology, recruiters are able to reach an unrestricted talent pool.

Fortunately, live video interviews simulate the in-person interview by enabling participants to connect visually and in real time. For this reason, two-way video interviews make it easier for recruiters to expand the hiring borders and consider global talent for clients.

Video as a Marketing Tool

People tend to respond better to visual information than that which is primarily text-based. That being the case, it’s time to take the resume up a notch with video. Video resumes give candidates an opportunity to go beyond the traditional methods of applying for a job. Rather than simply submitting a candidate’s resume (risking it being lost among the rest), the candidate can record a short video outlining their skills and showcasing their unique personality.

Since video resumes are still a relatively new concept, they can help candidates stand out in the talent pool. Should it completely replace the traditional resume? Probably not. But it can supplement their resume, giving them a unique opportunity to demonstrate their interest in the company and expand on their skills, off paper.

Video as a Candidate Engagement Tool

In addition to being a great way to learn about, connect with, and market job candidates, video technology is also a great tool for attracting talent. To make the highest quality job placements, the candidate shouldn’t just be a good job fit — they also need to be a good cultural fit.

Consider having your clients create a short video introducing their company, brand, product or service and culture. This video, while also a valuable addition to any career site, can attract job seekers and help you pinpoint which of those candidates would fit best within your client’s unique culture.

In an effort to leave the competition in the dust, in today’s race for quality talent, recruiters need to stay current and embrace the latest tools available. Innovative recruitment tools, like video interviewing, video resumes and corporate videos, can help you provide clients with a better range of options.

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