5 Helpful Gadgets For Keeping Track of Your Pets

January 30, 2017

10:30 am

No matter how high your fence, how strong your door, or how vigilant your eyes are, if your dog or cat wants to escape, they will eventually find a way. Whether your pet is an escape artist or simply decides to go on an adventure, these situations lead to nothing but stress for their owner. Over the past few years, there has been an increase in solutions for keeping better track of them, so we rounded up some of the best and newest devices for tracking down your pets.

Not only is location tracking technology improving, but so are the affiliated costs, designs, and size of each. And no, unfortunately a Tile isn't going to really be a viable solution for finding your little furry friend. The following are among the latest and greatest ways that you can track down your fur kid:

Whistle Tracker

Initially launched at Tagg, the Whistle tracker has been one of the most popular solutions for both tracking the activity of pets and also locating them. Announced at CES 2017, Whistle will be launching a new, smaller version called the Whistle 3. Priced at $80 for the hardware and $7 per month for the service, the solution uses a mix of both cellular service, Bluetooth, and GPS to help you track your pet well beyond the reach of most other solutions.

Findster Duo

A recent Kickstarter success story, Findster is a newer location tracker that doesn’t require a monthly subscription for use. Unlike its competitors, according to Findster, their tracker will alert you in real-time when a pet has left the geo-fence, and enable you to track in real-time for up to a two mile range. Similar to Whistle, the device also tracks pet activity as well. Findster Duo is priced at $120.


Pod combines WiFi, cell connections, and GPS in an effort to help you track down your pets and watch their activity. Though similar to the other devices, Pod also comes with an easily swappable battery, which means your pet never has to go without the device. Other similar hardware require the unit to sit on a charging base, which creates a bit of a gap in use. Priced at $200, Pod does not charge for service for the first year, but after costs $50 annually.


Similar to Whistle, Tractive is another cell based tracker for your dog. Though seemingly more popular in the UK, the device works in more than 80 countries. The reported battery life is a bit weaker though, coming in at between 2-5 days depending on the cell signal. Tractive is priced at $100 and requires a monthly subscription of about $5.


A new comer to the space, Nuzzle is a locator and activity tracker with features similar to Pod. With two available batteries for easy swapping, this particular device is built right into the collar, unlike the other four listed in this article. With a five day battery life, real-time tracking including plotted travel routes, Nuzzle is one of the only 3G connected devices without a subscription fee. Priced at about $190, the device is comparable to the others plus about a year and a half of their subscription costs.


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