5 IFTTT Recipes You Need to Be Using

August 15, 2013

5:00 pm

Much to the chagrin of Android users, If This Then That (IFTTT) is still exclusively on iOS. However, the rapid expansion in popularity could mean an Android version sooner rather than later.

Part of IFTTT’s wild success can be directly attributed to the community that surrounds it and the creative trigger recipes they are thinking up. So, stray from the familiar and dominate your digital life with these five user-created recipes.

Note ideas in Evernote from Google Talk

First, add to your chat list and activate it. Send yourself a chat message via Google Talk with a specific tag, like “Movie Ideas” and it will trigger the creation of a note.

Back up your contacts to a Google Drive Spreadsheet

Back up your current contact list to a spreadsheet housed in your Google Drive with IFTTT. Any new contact you add after that will be entered as a new line in the spreadsheet.

Download files from Gmail to Dropbox (or anywhere)

Compose an email with the subject line “downloadthis” – no text or signature – and the body containing the URL for the attachment. Hit send, and you will have a backup in Dropbox.

Call your Gmail

Activate the phone call channel so you can call IFTTT at 415-830-8875. Leave yourself a voice message that will literally be transcribed into an email and sent to your Gmail account.

Text to escape

Are awkward family moments killing you? Text IFTTT’s SMS channel and you will be rewarded with a way out: a phone call playing a voice recording of your choosing. Better take that call, it could be important.


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