5 Really Simple Ways to Increase Your Traffic

Traffic plays an important role in website management, but it’s tough to gain. Here are multiple quick, simple ways to increase the traffic that your site gets, starting with the most obvious:

Write Decent Content

Writing content is an incredibly big part of running a successful website, and writing the content on your website carefully will undoubtedly boost your traffic. Still, a lot of people trip up over silly mistakes, making their traffic lower than it could be if they took the time to optimize their content.

The first step is writing your own unique content. Copying information from other websites will get you nowhere and will in fact hurt your traffic. The second step is structuring your content. This means you should never be writing huge paragraphs. Split your context up in to smaller paragraphs and give each paragraph a meaningful heading so that the reader can fully understand what they are reading about.

The third and final step is adding graphics where necessary. This doesn’t mean you should flood your content with lots of related images. Little things like this will go a long way.


Search Engine Optimization is often seen as a scary topic but is not as hard as a lot of people think. The goal behind SEO is to optimize your website for the visibility of search engines so that you are ranked higher for specific keywords.

SEO is built around unique content, building up solid backlinks, and above all providing the best website experience for your visitors. Things that matter when it comes to SEO:

– Unique content
– Backlinks
– Social Media Linking
– Website Loading Speed
– Interface Friendliness

The trick is to create your website and your content for your visitors. Don’t create anything to please search engine ratings, as you’ll just be setting yourself up for disaster!

Buy Traffic

Buying traffic can be done in many forms. Whether it is through Facebook ads or Google ads, you can pick up an audience genuinely interested in what you offer. Just create an image and upload it to whichever advertising source you are using. Then fill in details such as your domain and a few other details.

A major benefit to buying traffic and adverts is that once people have viewed your website through the advert, they may become daily viewers, which will be highly beneficial to you in the long run.

Take Advantage of Social Media

Social media is often overlooked but can really have an impact on your traffic when it is done properly. The top social media websites that are used are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google Plus. Being active on all of these accounts while posting information related to your niche.

However, posting regular statuses will not increase your traffic. Take advantage of the many unique features of social media such as hashtagging and uploading images. If you are able to do this, you can build up a following on multiple social media platforms allowing you to grow and spread your website through social media.

Take Care of Your Website

Errors: Although they aren’t an incredibly important factor, they are noticed by search engines, which will hurt your search rankings.

If you have an error within your websites theme, find out what is causing it and fix it. Most theme errors are incredibly simple and are simply the result of an outdated theme.

Make sure your content is up to date and is the best standard it can be. Remember, do not build your website around attempts to increase your traffic. Build your website around giving your visitors the best experience and providing them with the best information that you can.

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Written by:
Michelle Custodio is an SEO Strategist, writer and link builder. She has handled online marketing for start-ups, non-profits, and corporations. Her core competency lies in complete end-to-end management of getting a website ranked in the major search engines and driving more traffic as well. Learn more about her SEO experience.
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