Michelle Custodio is an SEO Strategist, writer and link builder. She has handled online marketing for start-ups, non-profits, and corporations. Her core competency lies in complete end-to-end management of getting a website ranked in the major search engines and driving more traffic as well. Learn more about her SEO experience.


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Essential Web Design Features for an E-Commerce Site

The difference between a business website and an e-commerce site lies with design. For online stores, it is not enough to have a ‘beautiful’ website. It needs to go beyond being attractive to being functional, leading potential customers to the products they are looking...


5 Really Simple Ways to Increase Your Traffic

Traffic plays an important role in website management, but it's tough to gain. Here are multiple quick, simple ways to increase the traffic that your site gets, starting with the most obvious: Write Decent Content Writing content is an incredibly big part of running a ...


Why Landlords Should Use Property Inspection Apps

When you are conducting a move out inspection, being able to fully document everything is vital not only for your protection, but for your tenant as well. This means having a property inspection app which can document, store and retrieve valuable information that can...