5 Startups That Are Changing the World

November 9, 2015

3:01 pm

Contrary to what some may believe, there is nothing unusual about changing the world for the better while making money in the process. As we can see from the startup scene, it is the opposite that is true – the majority of the most impressive startups are the ones that offer something that people genuinely need, and improve their lives. Here are five startups, big and small, that follow the same principle.


What today is the world’s most popular and successful online shoe store began with one very simple idea that many other companies seem to miss: if you concentrate your efforts on improving customer experience, the rest will do itself. Zappos, for all intents and purposes, redefined the very idea of customer service, bringing it on the whole new level – and it seems that it pays off perfectly.

Oyo Rooms

Oyo Rooms is a startup that revolutionized the market of affordably priced hotels in India through standardization and implementation of modern technology. The main problem Indian travelers faced prior to its appearance was the constant danger that the hotel you’ve booked will turn out to be a ramshackle building with leaking roof, malfunctioning air conditioning and dirty floors. Oyo Rooms solves the problem my introducing standards that all its hotels should meet. This, as well as Oyo Rooms cashback initiatives quickly made it immensely popular and gave rise to numerous clones.


Airnbnb tackles the hotel industry from another direction – instead of lack of standardization it battles the difficulties people with extra living space face when they are looking for renters. By approaching an age-old problem from an unusual direction which became possible only with the current technological level, it single-handedly turned the industry upside down and forever changed the way we look at renting a place in another city or even country.

Skully Systems

Skully‘s AR-1 helmet may well be the beginning of an entirely new era for motorcycle drivers. With an integrated heads-up display offering Google Glass-like experience, backwards facing camera, Bluetooth connectivity, speakers and God knows what else, it is going to bring the motorcycle safety both for drivers and those around them to a whole new level. So far its creator gathers pre-orders, but it is likely to be the next big thing in 2016.

One Month

One Month aims to change the way we understand, perceive and undergo education. It began with the creation of a dozen online courses that teach various business skills (such as coding, app development or setting up online payment systems) in the course of a month by means of 15-minute training sessions. It strives for maximum efficiency, elimination of the superficial and quick results.

These startups work in quite different areas of human life, but all of them are united by one and the same principle: they take a problem, either a well-known one or the one that wasn’t even perceived as a problem beforehand, and build a creative solution to it. There are thousands of such problems around – your success may be waiting you just around the corner.

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