5 Ways to Improve Your Video Marketing Strategy

January 4, 2016

9:00 pm

So you’ve done your email, content, and social media marketing campaign. Aren’t’ you missing one important channel? No? Think again.

Online videos are all the rage this 2016. Viral videos are earning million and millions of views every day – and hundreds of those videos are shared on social media. In fact, almost 81 percent of US Millennials use YouTube. The video uploading site that started on 2005 is creating huge waves in online marketing and it looks very promising.

Video engages in a way that text never can. A lot of companies are turning to video campaigns to drive better and more traffic to their sites.

Our Fascination with Videos

While articles may give you more in-depth information about a certain topic, videos are more engaging, and have a powerful effect to viewers. Furthermore, videos are much easier to digest rather than textual information which you have to understand and analyze when you read lengthy articles.

People don’t usually have the time to read lengthy articles but make them watch an entertaining YouTube video and there you go. I think most marketers are missing out on this aspect. They have not fully understood just how important and beneficial is video marketing for the success of their company.

To harness your videos’ powers this 2016, here are five easy tips to remember the next time you produce your own work.

1. Short Videos vs. Long Videos

Humans have a short attention span; recent studies revealed that our attention spans are now comparable to a goldfish. This is why we are more driven to watch short videos, read small texts, make short tweets.

The world is in a constant flux of information and we are coping by evolving to digest small amounts. Our brains are wired to better understand ideas when they are presented in small digits, paragraphs and visuals. This is why when it comes to making videos, people tend to find shorter ones favorable to longer ones.

2. Stories

People love stories. The most clicked videos are actually those that have stories in them, other than a simple video introduction of a product or company. You’ll want to create more videos with stories, with clever ideas that will get your audience hooked each time they click play. Ask help from your team and brainstorm fun video ideas for your company. It will bring life and humanize your brand.

Nowadays, many businesses are focusing more on people’s stories or their missions rather than just their brands. Creating emotional viral videos will deliver more traffic and recognition for your company. Aside from inspiring and emotional videos, videos who could pull up a good humor also earn many views and shares.

Take this clever marketing video of Dove for example.


Dove’s Choose Beautiful campaign earned mixed response from viewers all around the world. Dove known for propagating attainable beauty standards sparks conversation in one of their latest videos promoting female empowerment.

3. Call to Action

End your videos properly by creating a call to action slide that will turn to valuable conversions for your brand. Don’t end your video with a black screen, it will help if you also ask a question, and cultivate conversation among your viewers.

Chef and YouTube favorite Gemma Stafford does this well by incorporating two different CTA links at the end of her videos, one points to her official website, while the other prompts the viewer to watch a related video.


4. Tutorials

Another way to get your customer’s attention is by posting tutorials. Tutorials help viewers by offering them valuable information. Those who have benefited to your tutorial will more likely check your brand again.

Over time, it creates trust and helps establish you as an expert in the industry. By creating a unique video that will bring mundane tutorials and turn them to a fun one. Your brand will earn more audience and subscribers to your channel. The secret to keep your audience engaged? Make them wonder what happens at the end of the video.

This is YouTube celebrity, Michelle Phan, was able to build her beauty empire. From producing her own makeup tutorials in her room, she is now a book author and owner of her startup business, Ipsy.

5. Optimize Your Video for Search

Don’t let your hard work go to waste. You can make the most out of your video marketing campaign by optimizing your content for search. Because like plain text, video can be optimized for search engines. In fact, search engines favor video content over written content.

The best way to impact your search ranking using video marketing is to use transcriptions. You can unlock content in videos by making it available to search engines using indexing and including transcriptions in the HTML of the pages where the videos are on. A well optimized video will get people into your channel and deliver traffic.


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