The Diverse Team at Adtech Startup RAIN Looks to 500 Startups Demo Day

October 17, 2014

10:30 am

The team at RAIN had not deployed a live app prior to starting at 500 Startups, the micro-VC accelerator program based in Silicon Valley and founded by Dave McClure. RAIN is an app that helps small businesses reach local customers with real-time, accessible promotional tools. To date they have raised $2.3 million in funding.

RAIN was co-founded by Skyler Sutton, a 31-year-old college dropout, and Rick Citron, a 70-year-old with an MBA and JD. The diverse backgrounds of the team at RAIN do not end there. In the last 4 months, Rick and Skyler have doubled the team to its current 15 members, who range in age from 20 to 70 and can boast heritages spread around 18 countries. The experience of the team is just as exciting and diverse: they include an Olympic-level triathlete and a former head of software for the first Mars lander.

The company was started in Los Angeles and launched in 10 cities, but since working on growth during the last few months at 500 Startups, they are announcing a rollout in 450 cities, with 10,000 small business clients! When asked how this diverse team has enjoyed the co-working and camaraderie that working with the 500 team in Silicon Valley has provided, Sutton says that the team members feel that the distraction that can come with a co-working space are worth the positive energy it brings. That, and co-working with 500 feels like working with friends, rather than with competitors.

But is Silicon Valley a good place to test a consumer product? “San Francisco is a bubble!” Sutton affirms. “I think any startup selling to SMBs needs to visit Blue Springs, MO and other middle-America suburbs so they can understand what the majority of the businesses in the country are doing. Historically, the problem with the adtech industry is that a programmer in Silicon Valley thinks they know what a pet store in Missouri needs.”

Sutton, Citron, and the entire RAIN team will be present on Tuesday for 500 Startups Batch 10 Demo Day.

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