6 Methods to Prompt Customers to Post a Review

November 7, 2016

4:30 pm

If you are running any form of business, getting a good review always helps. A positive review can help you get more business in the process. On the other hand, a negative review can bring down your business.

Practically speaking, it's tough to get a positive review. Creation of a review means that the customer has to spare some of his time for writing your reviews. The majority of people are not inclined to do so. But if they are not satisfied with your product or service, they'll readily voice their views. Here are six tips that can help you urge your customers to post a good review.

Use Social Media

Using social media for getting reviews can be a good method. You have to use a social media platform to reach out to a larger customer base so that the customers can use this platform. The younger generation is very much addicted to social media. Let them review your product or your services through the social media platform of their choice. They will be more inclined to opt for their favorite platform than your personal site. Also, make use of multiple social media channels: The best channel may differ from person to person.

Present the Whole Picture

You will likely get negative reviews also. While presenting the reviews on the website, you must not hide all the negative reviews and present only the good ones. People often suspect this style of business, and you could lose the image of being a transparent and trustworthy company.

If you are candid in your presentation of reviews where the negatives are also presented alongside with the positives, the things become credible. People will find your actions trustworthy. You should balance out the entire presentation part of the positive and negative part. A negative review can help you showcase your concern and you may respond fast personally showing how the problem solution be reached.

Be Friendly With Your Customers

You should not ignore your customers. They must be made to feel valued. If you ignore them and ignoring is easier than acknowledging, you will tend to harm your business process in the long run. Try more engagement with them as they find you friendly, they will come back to you again and again. You must thank every single customer who has spared his valuable time to pen their reviews. They also had the liberty of not posting any review. Even acknowledging and communicating with person who has posted a negative review will help in the long run.

Be Proactive

You can make use of emails or messages to contact your customers asking for a review. If this is not done properly, they may feel it as a kind of disturbance or harassment. But if this is employed properly, it can be an effective tool for fishing out more reviews from your customers. One of the effective methods is to ask for the experience of doing business with you through an auto-programmed email or message. You may find that many customers unsubscribe to this and you do not receive any feedback, but this shows that you have tried to make as much engagement as possible.

Use Modern Media

The modern society is very savvy with the modern electronic gadgets such as the smartphones and the tablets. Try to urge your customers to give responses through pictures or video clippings. They are found to be more effective than the written reviews. It will be a sharing of experiences that is grasped by the community more effectively. It performs the job of an advertisement for your products.

Make Direct Approaches

The extra effort of making a direct approach to ask for reviews always helps. Ask people for their responses by stating that their reviews are really important for your business. Many people like this direct approach, so you stand to get more feedback through it.


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