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6 Must-Have Tools for Sales Teams in 2016

December 25, 2015

1:00 pm

Have you reached a stage where your businesses’ ambitious growth goals require a surge of lead generation? And, probably you are considering something like bringing on board a swarm of outbound prospectors to help you with lead generation?

Hold on.

Just before you take the plunge… Did you know most sales teams never get closer to getting the influx of leads they are expecting?

Why is this so?

The failure is not because the product they are selling isn’t up to snuff. The problem is your sales team is not armed with the requisite sales tools. There is a variety of sales prospecting tools – both free and premium versions- that sales teams can make use of. This article discusses 6 sales tools without which most sales teams cannot go through in 2016.

1. PipeDrive

Pipedrive, a sales CRM and pipeline management application is ideal for freelancers, non-profits, small and mid-sized teams. The benefit of the application is that it gives the users the best possible view of all outstanding deals getting worked on. It provides the users with accurate sales forecasts thanks to its Timeline views. Besides, the application offers advanced reporting features that allow users to set both personal and group targets and track how close they’re coming to meeting those targets in real-time.

Why Pipeline?

  • Sales pipelines that keep prospects and contacts organized
  • Ability to keep a complete deal histories and records of all online interactions between salespeople and their leads or business contacts.
  • Mobile application allows for 24/7 use.
  • Sales forecasting module that provide teams with intelligent insights into how they expect the next months or quarters to turn out.
  • Good reporting capabilities that can be customized to suite different groups
  • Can be integrated with multiple third-party applications including Google Aps, Drop Box, Google Drive, and Highrise.


PipeDrive doesn’t charge any hidden fees. Businesses spend $12 per user, per month. For businesses with more than 50 users should contact PipeDrive for custom pricing information.

2. SalesLoft Prospector

Salesloft is a sales intelligence application that helps businesses to generate leads from LinkedIn searches and other social media profiles. There is a Chrome Extension available for Salesloft Prospector. Using this extension, you can export list to your email and such emails can help you track down contacts and prospects. The extension is ideal for targeting a specific segment of the market of interest.


The pricing is done in three plans: group, $75/user/month, $100/user/month and $25/user/month.

3. KiteDesk


KiteDesk software enables sales professionals to prospect, connect and close more business, more efficiently than ever before. Through its comprehensive sales productivity platform, Kitedesk gives sales teams’ access to its prospecting and customers relationship tools and millions of high-quality leads. KiteDesk is a complete B2B productivity suite for busy sales professionals. With the software, the sales teams can easily prospect, connect and close sales at unprecedented levels of speed.

4 key areas of productivity featured on the platform.

  • Less time spent for prospects. Instead of burring 25% of your time looking for prospects, KiteDesk gives access to millions of leads through multiple data providers.
  • Allows the user to connect with and harness powerful relations with other companies with the help of company connection search tool.
  • The software allows you to sell through customized Action Lists that makes them more efficient in closing sales.
  • A strong single dashboard featuring the days(today’s) tasks, schedule opportunities and much more.


The pricing models are as follows:

  • Find Model: $75 Seat / Mo
  • Reach Model:  $100 Seat / Mo

4. Ringio


Ringio boasts a contact relationship management system that seamlessly integrates its software and VoIP technology. The goal of the company is to ease the access of big data usage and call center technology to both small and medium-sized businesses in a cost efficient manner. Other basic services include call routing, producing the caller ID, call recording and professional greeting.

Pondering points about the program

  • Provides custom virtual PBX call routing solutions
  • Displays sufficient information of the customer you are talking to.
  • Hassle- free cloud-based call management solutions
  • Syncs seamlessly with Google CRM
  • Toll-free numbers.
  • Highly extensible.
  • Unlimited calling in Canada and the US.
  • Ease of Use
  • Good customer support and professional video tutorials.


The pricing model is as follows:

  • 1 to 2 users per month, $49/month.
  • 3 users cost, $74/month.
  • 4 users cost, $99/month.
  • Every extra user after the 4th will cost $25/month.

5. Rapportive


The free Gmail add-on, Rapportive, provides contact information right into the user’s inbox. The tool automatically provides the contact’s job title, location, picture and social media profiles associated with the contact.

When a user is engaging the sales leads, the tool doesn’t only help them visualize whoever they are communicating with, but also gives the user access to chunks of personal information on the contact’s profile. Using such information, sales teams can come up with better approaches to dealing with various prospects.

6. Saleshandy


Saleshandy is an advanced, sales engagement tool with over-the-top screen sharing, document sharing, live meeting, Email tracking among other capabilities. With the software you can easily organize sales teams’ efforts with little effort. For business that requires a smart way of engaging customers or tracking leads, Saleshandy could be very invaluable software.

Key Attributes include…

  • Indicates the number of times files being opened and the time spent on each file which allows accurate follow up.
  • Allows engaging prospects by acknowledging their views near to sales closure.
  • Instant email notifications on prospects behavior.
  • Easy file attachment for mailing and can present any type of files like .pdf, scanned docs, .pptx, .docs .
  • Allows sharing of the screen and files effectively.
  • Live chat option allows you to chat with your prospects.
  • Auto lead capturing for Auto Capturing the contact details when link is shared or when a live meeting is conducted with multiple people.
  • Manages all the sales documents at one place and organizes your files by teams, company or private.
  • Gets you lead scores of all of your prospects actions…
  • Allows you to easily manage and organize your contacts.


It is all free up to 10 users. There are no hidden fees.

The importance of improving the efficiency of leads generation for sales teams cannot be underestimated. Most sales team fails to hit their sales projections or targets due to lack of more efficient system that bring all of their marketing campaign into one application. Any company that wants to achieve its future goals should think wisely on how to reach their prospects. And, one hassle-free of finding leads and closing sales is by use of sales tools.


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