6 Tips to Getting Sports Events Tickets Online

December 5, 2015

10:45 am

Tickets to major professional sporting events are rather expensive and are usually priced somewhere in the triple digits. With this type of high expense, it makes sense to find ways to locate discounts.

Here are six handy ways to reduce the price of sports tickets:

Look for Presale Passwords

Organizations that typically sponsor various professional sports teams sometimes distribute presale passwords before they are sold on the regular market. Sometimes, these passwords will make various types of opportunities available, including cheaper ticket prices. These passwords are usually easy to locate and can quite often obtained merely by looking for them online with Google.

Wait Until Game Day

After the game, all of the unsold tickets suddenly become completely worthless pieces of paper. Because of their expiration dates, tickets sold on the day of the game usually do not cost quite as much as tickets sold a few weeks or months in advance. However, there is always the risk that a game might be sold out, and there is also the chance that the only seats that are left are in a distant location from the playing field.

Attend on Weeknights

Tickets sold on the weekends usually cost more money than those that are sold on weekdays. That’s why it is not uncommon for sporting fans to save lots of hard earned dollars by attend major sporting events on weeknights because these tickets are generally not quite as expensive.

Check Out the Secondary Market

There are several websites out there where various sports tickets are resold by season-ticket holders and ticket agents. These sites include,, or Ebay. It is not uncommon to see tickets sold in this manner to be priced rather cheaply because the holders desperately want to get rid of them. Although tickets are also sold in this fashion on Craigslist, there are no forms of protection for the buyer when purchasing them from this website.

Join the Fan Club

Although you might have to pay to join these organizations, it is often worth it because you will often be among the first to find out about special ticket offers that suddenly become available. There are lots of people all over the country who save quite a bit of money by doing this. Many people have been able to obtain tickets for under $50 because they were informed about great deals before the rest of the public found out about them.

Purchase Single Tickets

Because of the social nature of sporting events, single tickets are not as popular as tickets sold in groups of two or more. That’s why it is often cheaper to buy individual tickets instead of tickets that are right next to each other in a group. If you want to attend a major sporting event with a friend, you can buy seats that are on adjacent rows but still next to each other. If there are no tickets like this available, you and your buddy can buy tickets in the same section.

So if you need Chicago Bulls tickets or wish to attend a San Antonio Spurs game, remember these helpful suggestions, so you can save cash and buy more beer and other goodies while you are attending the event.

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