6 Tools to Personalize Visitor Experience on Your Online Store

April 13, 2015

12:30 pm

A traditional brick and mortar store has skilled sales associates to provide customers with a personalized shopping experience. They offer informed suggestions based on the shopper’s behavior and help them in their purchases. It’s not too difficult to replicate the same experience on your ecommerce store, thanks to ecommerce personalization.

Before we take this further, consider the following statistics put together by Mojn:

  • 75% of consumers appreciate brands personalizing messages and offers.
  • 74% of online consumers find it frustrating if the content fails to pique their interest.
  • 61% of consumers like special offers, even when it means less privacy.

Ecommerce personalization allows you to provide personal shopper treatment to each customer. It involves using various data and tools to create specific messages and provide relevant product suggestions and more to your valued customers. This infographic from Monetate will help you understand how you can better know your customers and act on data collected through personalization and segmentation.

Personalizing your online store is not necessarily expensive or complex. Generally, it is as simple as finding the right tools and implementing them on your e-store. Here are 6 ecommerce tools that will help you personalize your retail website.



Again, providing relevant product suggestions is crucial to ecommerce personalization. More than half of the online consumers today prefer purchasing from sites that offer such a personalized experience. Unbxd is a simple and efficient tool to give your buyers what they are looking for. Unbxd has personalization offerings – Personalized Site Search and Personalized Recommendations and both are obligatory for providing personalized shopping experience.

Unbxd site search leverages an advanced machine-learning algorithm that provides customers with a “context-aware” search, and offers a seamless search experience through predictive search, advanced error-tolerance, dynamic filtering and more. However, Unbxd’s Site Search is not only relevant but also driven by user behavior thereby showing results based on customer preferences to improve conversions.

To further enhance the personalization capability of your ecommerce site, Unbxd offers a product recommendation tool. It uses a big-data, self-learning algorithms and allows you to add Amazon-like “top sellers”, “recently viewed,” and “also bought” recommendations to deliver accurate personalization based on customer preferences.

You can easily integrate Unbxd with all popular ecommerce platforms including Shopify, Bigcommerce, and Magento.



Barilliance helps you drive revenue and conversion rates through personalization. This tool allows you to segment and target customers using dynamic content, personalized messages and offers in real time. They claim to “increase conversions by as much as 30%.” With Barilliance, you can create dynamic bespoke content for each visitor in minutes to offer a personalized shopping experience.

To define multiple segments, Barilliance takes various factors into consideration including traffic source, real time shopper engagement, browsing device, social media attributes and weather. By providing relevant and timely content, this tool comes across as a great option for reducing shopping cart abandonment.

Barilliance offers a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivery model and ecommerce sites of any size can take advantage of this shopping personalization software, thanks to its Zero Integration technology.

Lead Converter

lead converter

Want to boost your revenue? Lead Converter helps you to capture more leads with personalized offers and calls to action displayed at the right time. The calls to action are displayed as a lightbox popover within your product pages. Using Lead Converter, you can promote products, events and news, as well as engage potential customers before they tend to leave the sales funnel.

You can display personalized messages selectively to your key visitor segments. The advantages include selling more using personalized offers and quickly growing your email subscriber list. Lead Converter also provides real-time analytics so that you can track visitors’ on-site behavior and better understand your audience.

WooCommerce Currency Converter

woorank currency converter

This is a plugin that allows you to convert currencies in real time. Online stores catering to international customers will find this tool very helpful. Visitors can easily convert product prices to a currency of their choice. You can display the WooCommerce Currency Converter in your site in four different ways:

  • ddSlick
  • Chosen
  • Simple drop-down
  • Flags

WCC can automatically detect the preferred currency based on the location of the buyer. A customized currency tool creates a more convenient and transparent shopping experience for your international customers.



One of the best ways to provide a more personal shopping experience is adding a live chat app onto your ecommerce site. Using LiveChat your support staff can instantly answers queries of your potential customers to help them make an informed purchase decision. Better yet, this tool provides specific information about visitors you are chatting with, including their location and the pages they are currently browsing.

In addition, LiveChat allows users to log on via Facebook and help you to access more insight about them. They also have apps for iOS, Android, and Windows devices.



Social networking sites have enabled us to communicate and stay in touch with limitless numbers of groups. We ask questions as well as recommend products and brands to people in our networks and beyond. Leveraging the power of social media and combining it with your ecommerce strategy to provide a personalized browsing experience to your shoppers is a brilliant idea.

LoopIt allows you to do exactly that; it lets you bring your visitors’ friends into the mix by simply adding an “Ask your friends” button directly into your product page. Shoppers can instantly seek advice from their friends and peers using this widget. Apart from enhancing buyer experience, LoopIt helps you drive new visitors by boosting your word-of-mouth.

The feedback it generates will provide you with a wealth of product insights. You can also analyze the influence customers have on each other and the varied contexts around their purchasing decisions.

Parting Words

Personalization is more than greeting a returning customer. It is about creating a compelling shopping experience to encourage customers to take the desired action and come back again. Providing personalized shopping experiences to your customers shows that you value them. They feel nice about it and will reward you accordingly. However, it is crucial to select ecommerce tools keeping your target audience in mind, with the intent of giving them relevant and personalized content that can also boost your revenue.


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