7 Free Internet Marketing Tools that Are too good Not To Use

July 20, 2015

11:00 am

Let’s face it, if you’re in business, you’re probably in the business of making money. As the old saying goes, sometimes you gotta spend money to make money; and that’s 100% correct, but there’s another great saying: “sometimes the best things in life are free”.

Deep down, we all love FREE.

And because we all love free, I’ve chosen 7 very useful tools for online entrepreneurs that are 100% free to use and can offer a ton of value despite the $0 price tag. Let’s take a look!

This gets position one on my list because it saved me from a serious bout of email marketing rage a few months back. You see, when trying to deliver an ebook via AWeber I was met with an issue where the size of my attachment was too large. I tried to fiddle with the file size without success and so did what any other guy struggling with a technical issue would do… I turned to Google for help! Like the mind-reader it is, Google delivered me just the tool I was needing…

This app compresses your PDF in the cloud for free to a perfect size that is still good quality. Got a file that needs to be quickly reduced in size? Upload it to and let the free software go to work and reduce that file size right before your eyes!

Hubspot’s Topic Generator:

I struggle with title suggestions and because I hold many contributor accounts, I sometimes struggle with topic ideas. Hubspot’s topic generator is often featured in these type of lists and for good reason… I can almost guarantee that you’ll come up with a new blog post idea, or a cool title by using it. As it suggests, just – Fill in the fields with terms (preferably nouns) that you'd like to write about, and it will come up with a selection of relevant blog post titles in a matter of seconds! Online Presentation & Infographic Tool:

Visme is a free, simple-to-use online drag-and-drop presentation and data visualization software. If you are using infographics as a way to present your online content visually, or for the fantastic SEO benefits that infographics can provide, Visme is worth checking out for sure. My buddy Sean from just had an infographic he created recently picked up by and scores of other sites, which is a huge benefit from an SEO perspective. Producing content beyond simple written format is one of the keys to creating buzz around your online properties nowadays, so Visme is one to consider for your visual content needs. See it in action here.

Sometimes I’ll come across a sweet looking site that is clearly a WordPress site (my CMS of choice) and I’d love to know the theme they’re using. Ever experience the same? If so, just copy the URL and paste into and you’ll be presented with the theme and a list of the plugins they’re using on their site. Pretty cool!

While we’re on the subject of snooping on what other people are doing, I play in the SEO world where you quite often learn the most valuable information by checking on what competitors are up to. If you want to snoop around to see what other sites a competitor might own, perhaps get a bit of a feel for what other niches you could possible enter, just take advantage of SameID’s 5 free searches per day.

SameID will retrieve data using ID types such Analytics, Adsense, Amazon affiliate/product, Clickbank affiliate/product, Addthis and also IP address to serve a list of website potentially owned by the same person.

I was recently introduced to this and it is amazing. It has many genuine uses, but if spying on your competitors to get an edge is up your alley, just pop a competitor into BuiltWith and see what gets returned! Wondering what theme, widgets, and plugins they’re using? It’ll tell you that. Wondering how they’re monetizing? It’ll tell you that. Curious about their email marketing software of choice? Yep, that’s given to you. Seriously, pop a competitor into the BuiltWith and you’ll understand exactly why this gem is in my list.

Finding decent images can be a pain. I have a paid subscription to but occasionally I reach my daily limit of photo downloads just as I’m about to hit publish on a post and I need an image right now. Enter What I like about this site is that it has decent images and makes attributing that image very simple with copy and paste HTML for attribution. Worth checking out.

There you have it, 7 internet marketing tools that are 100% free to use that really are too good not to use (and SHARE)!


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