7 Resources to Improve Your Programming Skills

July 10, 2015

6:00 pm

Programming used to be a tedious (and expensive) task to learn.  But in the last few years, a great number of cloud-based tools and organizations have emerged to make it easier for people and companies to learn programming, improve their code, and develop better talent.

1.  Codecademy

Codecademy is a well-respected leader in online learning space. It allows you to learn programming online in an interactive environment and for free.   It’s available both online and on your mobile and already boasts millions of eager students.


2.  OK, so you are ready to get started – what language should you start with?

Here are some great thoughts from Carter Page, senior engineer at Google. “Name anything that is foundational, complex, and performance critical. It was written in C, with a sprinkling of assembly thrown in,” he says. The list of reasons why C and C++ makes you better at each other language is pretty compelling.


3.  Wizpert

Stuck on a difficult problem but don’t have an expert nearby to help? Try Wizpert – it’s an instant text-based chat platform dedicated to software programming.  You can get 1-on-1 help with your software coding problems, or tech career advice in general.  The service is very easy to try for free.


4.  Learning alone just not the same?

Check out Tech.Co’s awesome list of Top 33 best coding bootcamps and the event list from Women Who Code.



Are you a company trying to improve the quality of your software hires?  Karat's platform leverages a large pool of trained technical interviewers to help companies raise the quality of their programming interview by standardizing the process.


6.   Codacy

Need someone to review your code? How about Codacy – it’s an automated code review tool that helps developers save time in code reviews.


7.  API Fortress

APIs are all the rage these days!  How do you know if you are using them right? Check out API Fortress –  a visual API testing platform with no coding skills required. You can create tests quickly and easily using the intuitive guided UI, schedule them to run automatically, and get notified when there is an error.


Image Credit: Martin Vorel

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