7 SEO Hacks to Increase CTRs on Google

August 18, 2017

5:00 pm

A quality content is always rewarded with a higher ranking in Google. Still, there are many hacks to help boost your CTRs (Click Through Rates).

These well-tested WordPress hacks will give you unambiguous visions about what to do for higher CTRs. But before jumping into that, let’s have a look in some of the rudimentary concepts about CTR.

Click Through Rates-A Rudimentary Analysis

There are many of non-tech personnel who really have no idea about what CTR actually does for a site. The Click Through rate is the percentage of the number of Clicks against Impressions.

To understand it better, just imagine that your website link is shown a hundred times in the Search Engine Result Page. From there, you get 28 visitors which means out of every 100 impressions you get 28 clicks. This makes the CTR for your website 28 percent.

Next up, here are some tips and hacks which will stimulate your CTRs from Google.

Remove the Content Publication Date

There are many authors who prefer publication dates. For instance, all the content published on a news website requires a publication date which is fine by the way.

However, for an evergreen content, you might want to remove publication date. This will keep your content valid for a long time. And since the information is valid despite the date you don’t need to validate it for years.

The concept of CTRs validates in this situation because a normal user usually ignores the outdated content. Putting a date on a content which has no connection with it will obviously decrease its value. So, avoid doing that and things will be great for CTRs of your content.

Make use of Shorter URLs, Always

Make use of Shorter URLs

There is a debate on this particular pointer. Still, some fundamental studies have shown that shorter URLs attract more clicks than that of long URLs.

WordPress allows you to customize your permalinks. That is exactly what you need. This feature helps you to keep your permalink focussed on the topic.

Generally, you should aim for permalinks with 2-5 words at max.

Shorter URLs attracts people who are skimming towards fewer words. Remember one point, you must include enough words to make people interested in the content.

This is no hard and fast rule to cure the low CTR of your website. Still, there are blogs and websites which are preferring shorter URLs and achieving higher CTRs from Google and other search engines.

Display Year in the Post Title Using PHP

With passing time it is really difficult to keep track of plugins or themes or web applications. People tend to search for best tools of the present year which make it crucial for content producers like us to update every content title year-wise. For instance, “Best Tools for Content Marketing in 2017.” A title like this is very compelling and usually scores high CTRs than generic titles.

Now, adding the year to every post title in your website is very difficult which is why I recommend using a dynamic year in the post title. You can use the following code in your functions.php file,

* create shortcode to output the current year
* shortcode: [year]
function output_year() {
$year = date(“Y”);
return “$year”;
add_shortcode(‘year', ‘output_year');

After this, you need to create a title as “Best WordPress plugins in [year]”.

When you go to the admin panel, you’ll see [year] tag, however, when you open the post on the internet, then the php function will call that shortcode and show the current year. This makes your best plugin post updated every year.

Use Schema Reviews

Use Schema Reviews

While searching for any topic in Google, you must have seen star ratings by Google on reviewed content. What did you observe? Eye catching, attractive and compelling.

These attractive review snippets dramatically increase the CTRs of the website. There are many plugins which allow you to add these schema reviews, however, there is one condition on it. These reviews will only be showed by Google if they are relevant to the search. So, make sure to do your research on the keywords.

I would say, you should focus on reviews that are product wise and written by a single writer. This works very well and they’ll definitely catch the authoritative eyes of Google.

Republish Old Content with Date

Republish Old Content with Date

As in the first step, I told you not to use date for the evergreen content. What if the content is not evergreen? What if it literally depends on the timeline?

Well, then there is a solution. As the content, you wrote needs constant updates with the passage of time. You must suffice the need of the time. Update the content as it requires and republishes it with the date stamp.

Google always prefer updated content and as you will rank higher in the SERPs, there will be more probability of an increase in CTRs. Try this technique at least twice a year and results will startle you.

Google will display your content as it is published recently which will increase the CTRs of your website.

Go for Google AMP

Accelerated Mobile Pages are the new age web layout for mobile users. Google always prefer that and so does the users. To attain higher CTRs, you must make use of free WordPress plugin for Google AMP.

This plugin will automatically configure your website for mobile and convert it into an AMP version for your mobile visitors.

This has two advantages. First, it will rank you higher on SERPs as Google always prefer AMP powered websites. Second, visitors also get good experience by AMP. This makes them inclined towards websites that are AMP powered.

Make use of Accelerated Mobile Pages and increase the CTRs of your website.

Make your Website Fast

For higher CTRs, you need to rank higher. And for higher rank, your website needs to have faster page load speed. The concept is pretty simple here.

Website performance is one of the striking factors that can tumble your rankings from top to bottom or vice versa. Bottom line here is that you need to speed your website up for the user.

You can go for some of the tweaks that will definitely help you to speed your website up,

  1. Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  2. Compressed Images
  3. Server Caching (It’s a must!!!)
  4. Upgrade of your hosting services (Dedicated managed hosting).

These tweaks will increase the speed of your website and ranking of your website as user interaction will be of high quality. Higher the ranking, higher the chances of increase in CTRs.

Try and test these CTR hacks and observe the changes.

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