7 Things to Look for When Choosing a Web Host

January 26, 2016

7:00 pm

Starting a website or blog is one of the easiest things you can do. However, where most newbie site owners start to get scared and frustrated is when they have to choose a web hosting provider. It's not that the process is scary, it's simply overwhelming -and even more so for someone that has no idea what “hosting” even is, how much it should cost, or why some providers are better than others.

The truth is, there are over a billion sites on the internet today. Many of which started out as ideas, hobbies, or even test websites. The common denominator here is that they all started from nothing – which is where you might be at this point. We are going to look at some of the most important things you should be looking at when choosing a web hosting. By knowing what to look for and what makes some hosting services better than others, you should be able to choose a great host your first time around and can move forward with focusing on your site content.

As a site owner and customer, the price of web hosting is something that is going to stand out the most. However, it's not the only thing you should be looking at.; the time, money, and effort that you are going to put into your site will be massive. So, here's quick run down of the  seven key points to look for when choosing a web host. While each of these components are unique in their own way, they will also each hold their own value when it comes to the end user signing up for web hosting. Pricing, customer support and uptime are three of the most criticized areas of web hosting. Before we jump into the list, be sure to check out the top web hosting companies in the game today.

History & Length of Time in Business

The history and experience of your web hosting company is very important, as pretty much anyone can start a web hosting service on any given day and run it from their parents basement. The best and most reliable hosting companies are ones that have their own data centers, a support team and also thousands of customers who can vouch for their service.

Server Hardware & Uptime

In addition to history and experience, the actual hardware and servers that are being used to host web sites and blogs is also important. The best servers are expensive and they cost a lot of money to manage, store and keep online. Not only is the actual server and hardware important, it's also it's connectivity to the Internet and having backup servers in place to make sure your site is up and running at all times.


Speaking of quality hardware and uptime, another crucial area of web hosting is having a solution in place to backup your data. You might not think you need to backup your sites, but what happens when disaster strikes? The best hosting solutions will have automatic backups monthly, weekly, daily and even hourly.


Pricing is important for all customers, services and products — but this is especially true with web hosting. The first rule of thumb is to never go with a solution simply because they are the cheapest. Web hosting packages come in all shapes and sizes and usually in the form of shared hosting, dedicated and also reseller hosting. Be sure to compare hosting and see what services and features are built into your selected plan before moving forward.

Support & Customer Service

Customer service and 24/7 support is extremely important when it comes to web hosting and running an online business. While it might not be something you need all the time, it will be extremely important when you are in a jam. The best web hosting services offer not only 24/7 support through phone calls, but also online chat, email and through knowledge FAQ areas.

Network Connectivity

We already talked about the importance of high-end server hardware, but without a solid connection to the internet, you might as well not even be connected at all. Web hosting services vary in size, location and services available. The best hosting providers will have full connectivity at the highest speeds, while also having backup servers and full connectivity at all times. Make sure this is a requirement when looking for a hosting solution for your site or online business.


The last feature to look at is to make sure your host is actively updating their software solution. It's one thing to use aged servers and low connectivity speeds to the internet, but without the most updated server software everything can quickly fall apart. At the same time, software vulnerabilities can lead to more hacks, downtime and disasters for sites hosted on any outdated software and servers.

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